Simplicity E2906 – A Semi-Circle Skirt

Simplicity Circle Skirt Main

With a bit of time on my hands I decided at 1:00 p.m. ish to make a skirt to wear to worship tonight. Stash fabric from a vintage style shirtwaist project was calling my name asking to be a full skirt. Through the pattern stash I went; tag Simplicity E2906 made the cut.

Simplicity Pattern

I am pushing myself to make a circle skirt. As I see them on other well endowed sewists I keep thinking maybe, just maybe, I could pull one off. I would probably need the wide belt that I see the ladies couple with them and/or a decent petticoat. With 46+” hips I just can’t imagine needing a big ole crinoline. But, back to the project at hand. I’d call this a ½ circle skirt, wouldn’t you? There are no gathers or pleats at the waistline. It is smooth and finished with bias binding.

Just before I cut into the hem area it occurred to me to check the length.   Uh huh, too short at 25”. We won’t even talk about what a 25” skirt looks like on me from behind (eeeuuuu). The fabric was a king sized bedsheet and even at that large size with my layout there was not enough fabric to lengthen the hem. So, back to the stash I went. At first I kept grabbing white fabric but cream coloured is what was needed. Ah ha I found the remnant of a cream coloured sheet, yesssss. I cut the cream bedsheet fabric into a 4” wide strip to sew to the bottom of the skirt to lengthen it. Oh, but guess what . .. . it wasn’t wide enough to I had to piece it. Actually, I was hoping it would hide itself in the soft folds of the skirt.

Simplicity E2906 Band

To add a touch of couture I installed a hand picked zipper.  Thank you Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing:: A Modern Guide to Couture-Style Sewing Using Basic Vintage Techniques.

Hand Picked Zipper - Simplicity E2906

Project Stats:

Pattern – Thrift store find – .50 cents

Fabric – Thrifted Bed sheet – $1.00

Bias binding – free from stash

Zipper – Thrift store find probably .10 cents

Time to completion – 3 hours:40 minutes

Simplicity Circle Skirt Twirl
Trying to do something cool . . . yeah, right!

Pattern Review:

Skill level: Advanced Beginner (I say this only because of zipper placement)

Did the skirt come out like the envelope: Yes

Would I recommend this pattern: Yes, especially if you don’t feel like doing the math with pi to figure out drafting a circle skirt.

The skirt was a comfy wear last night. Looks like I’ll be making a top and perhaps a jacket to go along with it.  Now I have GOT go get going with the three dresses I need for the 31st, 1st, and 2nd.  The first is on the sewing table.  Check it out here.




7 thoughts on “Simplicity E2906 – A Semi-Circle Skirt

  1. lindamartha

    Thats a nice pattern and looks marvelous on you. I end up swimming in cirlce skirts (or should I say drowing?) so I avoid making them but you can pull it off. I haven’t had time to comment on other posts though I am reading and wanted to say that I love the way that you mix up your fabrics. Its very inspirational to me.
    I love that you hand sewed a zipper. A couple of years ago I was gravely ill and couldn’t sit up at the sewing table so being a dedicated sewist, I hand sewed an entire skirt including the zipper. I loved every minute of it but of course about a month after I finished it I gained weight and it no longer fit me. I think that my daughter still has it-amazing that it held up like that.


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