Graciously Grey Hair


long grey hair

While rolling down Interstate 95 to Savannah several weeks back I decided to take up writing about hair care drama, revelations, and the “other” journey I am on of growing my hair to mid-back length. . . again.   My daughter sent the above photo to me with the caption, “This could be you IF you stop cutting your hair”.

An old blog of mine, “Graciously Grey” discussed subjects of growing grey with style and grace.  However, writing two blogs with finesse is a bit much for me with my other sew very important pursuits.  It occurred to me that since this is my blog I can simply add another category and write about my hair journey as well as the trip to daily vintage wear that is Sew Lyrically Vintage.  And, oh, the possibilities of victory rolls and other 30s-50s hairstyles that I can wear once I reach my hair length goal.  Yes, I’m giddy, giggling.

Often I am asked, “Where are you from?” with the person looking at my hair.  Every now and again a person will want to touch it.  The look on their face when they feel it’s softness is priceless.  I remember the first time I allowed Mister Lyric’s children to touch my hair.  It was the first time they had touched a Black person’s hair.  They were surprised at how soft my hair is.  Prejudices and assumptions, I tell ya (shaking my head).  Yet, I digress, as my hair journey continues I will document it’s growth and development from a bald fade:

Bald fade as a blonde – 2010

Seriously, I love wearing a bald fade (see photograph above).  It is so, so, freeing.  To get my hair lifted up that light I bleached it about five times over two to three days.  With that orange apparently I needed to keep on bleachin’.  I am surprised I did not go bald (no pun intended).  To mid-back length:

More bounce to the ounce

Hopefully my hair won’t reach terminal length before reaching mid-back.   Around 2006 or so thanks to nature and articles I read on Long Hair Care Forum (a website dedicated to women of colour interested in growing waist length locks) my hair reached a length of approximately 4″ above my, er ah, how do you say, let’s just say my bum or rather the part that separates each side.  You feel me?

As mentioned, in keeping with this blog’s vintage theme I plan on wearing victory rolls, hair scarves 50s style, and a host of other vintage hair styles in day-to-day living.  There seems to be paucity of articles and photographs of Black women in vintage hair styles.  If you know of any sources, please pay it forward and share a link.  Meanwhile, as a middle-aged Black woman I have no problem repping.  It will be fun to see what I come up with on the journey.




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