V9100 Dress


Vogue 9100 Project

When I saw this pattern several weeks ago I had to have it. The $30 plus price tag rendered it cost prohibitive. Can you say, “Patience Lyric, wait for a sale”? That’s exactly what I did and on July 3 picked it up (and another Vogue beauty) for $3.99 each . . . Yes!

Really, in looking at it I probably already had something similar in my stash. After all, it’s a simple square necked bodice with a full skirt and pockets, right? The thing is my confidence level for “franken___“ patterns is low to say the least. I believe I did read somewhere that if you want to mix and match patterns pieces the recommendation is to stay with the same manufacturer. To get around all of that I simply buy a new pattern when I see something I like even if it is as simple as a neckline change from an existing pattern that I already own, LOL.

The model wearing this frock in the pattern book looks so cute in a yellow and white print with a skosh of black I think. Perhaps someday I will find a similar cotton or cotton blend fabric to make this dress or one like it. The in-seam pockets (I know, a simple thing to add to any project which I have done a time or two) and the shoulder area are what caught my eye about this pattern. Notice how the strap over the shoulder is not overly thick? I find the neck/shoulder area most flattering when the strap is not too wide. Years ago I purchased a tank top from the Gap that had a shoulder strap that was barely wider than my bra strap. I loved that look on me and have not seen it often since. Thankfully Mamma taught me how to sew.

The plan is to make the longer version. That way when I sit down all the family jewels will be nicely covered.  After reading Tasia’s blog today (Sewaholic) I am going to add stay tape at the neck and arm edges as well as waist tape plus a couple more couture (I love saying/writing that word) techniques.  Uuuwww, watch out dere now.  I’m getting beside myself.

This frock is needed by the 31st so stay with me as I bring it to fruition.  I am excited to tell you about the fabric, write up a pattern review, and talk sewist girl talk with you all.






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