Brussels Skirt African Style

Brussels Skirt 1105
By Textile Studios, Indie Patternmaker

When you have a little bit of fabric, know you want it to be a skirt, where did I turn?  The Brussels Skirt, of course. Let me get to the point of why this skirt is so fab.  Can you say, “No zippers, no snaps, hooks or closures”?  It calls for a simple elastic waistband; but not the granny kind that make you look old.  I mean, look at the model above, you can’t even tell that it is elastic.

Brussels Skirt Outfit Main Brussels skirt jolly good as the first time I think.   I started this project this morning after arising (maybe 0800 ish). I wore it out of the house about 12:30 p.m.  What slowed me down was deciding how to make 1 yard of fabric fit around my badonka donk, hips.  Oh, I was determined, I was!V-Neck Top

Thank goodness for my small (but growing I hope) stash. Remember this garment that I made last week?  It was to go with my new wrap skirt from India.  Well, there was turquoise knit left from that project.  I extended the width of the African print to make it useable for this project.  The print has been in my stash for years.  I do not even recall when I purchased it.  All I knew was that I could not, would not, cut into the pattern. I wanted to use as much of it as I possibly could.  As it turns out I think the linen top goes better with this Brussels skirt than the original outfit intended.  Darn, guess I’ll just have to make another top for my Indian wrap skirt.

Brussels Skirt Outfit Back

Oh shucks, I forgot to do my special super duper Miss Kacy Gymnastics landing pose.  I’ll “land” it next time.  Meanwhile, check me out on Pattern Review at Brussels Skirt Review.



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8 thoughts on “Brussels Skirt African Style

  1. I can say “no zippers,no snaps, hooks or closures” I have to get this pattern on Ebay. I love it. And I love the fabric and the cool colour blocking. This is why Sew Lyrically Vintage is one of my favourite blogs.


  2. Jacqui

    Very nice use of the print and the knit to fit it genius! I’ve got that pattern but never successfully made it up – I need to try it again!


    1. Yes, Ms. Jacqui. The Brussels is so easy and oh so comfy. I really like it as on the package, with a pair of riding boots say! Too bad I live in a tropical environment, LOL. Though I do have a friend who wears her boots anyway!


  3. Trish

    Well that’s inventive and looks good. I still love your fabric – it’s a brilliant, vibrant, exciting print, and the turquoise additions do it justice. Enjoy wearing it. Sometimes it is good to use up the fabrics you love😄 regards, Trish


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