Why Lyrically?

Marching Band Senior Year – 16 years young

Because it’s all about the music.  Music is in my soul and yet I can’t sing and I don’t play an instrument.  Well, not the kind you blow in to, or the kind that you hit with sticks, or the kind that you push ivory keys to make sound, nor the kind that takes horse hair, puts it on a wood bow and then dances across strings. No, my medium of choice when it comes to music is my body in the form of dance!

Sitting here listening to old school goodies, I am happy.  It’s taken me back to a place and time where I allowed the music to flow within me and through me.  I am compelled to write about it, share it with you, my dear blog friends.

I remembered my two seconds of fame not too long ago while visiting You Tube.  We were enjoying ourselves at a concert of one of my spiritual brothers, Michael Russo of the Gold Tones and he came off the stage and was talking with the audience (or maybe singing to us) and next thing I know he extends his hand and the rest is my two seconds of, as they say, “fame”.  Check me and Mike out at 12:32 of the video below!

I absolutely love dance!  Truly, since I emigrated here I had not danced (and I miss it) so when Michael Russo picked me – out of an audience of hundreds, I was giddy giggly I ain’t gonna lie.  The expression on my girl’s face was priceless.  I was too busy dancing to capture it.

2009 Battle of the Bands
Prepping to get in line. Had hair then!

My girl Doris, in the background of the photo above.  She was a Drum Major when she was in high school some time after I had come and gone from the school.  I liked her.  Would love to touch bases with her some day and reminisce.

1.5 mile trek to shoe venue Convocation Center

A lil less than six years ago I participated in an Alumni Band event at the local Battle of the Bands show.  A bunch of us old head band members from the high school got together and decided to put together a half time show.  We each had the year we graduated on the back of our tee shirts.  Truly in my element I had a blast as the grannie of the group.  That’s me in the photo above slightly right of center on the right side forefront of the photo.  🙂 49 years young!

Parade BOB 2009
Wish my grandchildren would have been there to witness this!

Wait, the photo below is three years earlier, performing for another event.

HI-Liters Alumni Band
46 years young! The oldest performer there!

What I wouldn’t give to find video of both of these events.  I know there exists some out there.  Probably means more to me than the videographers that possess the videos.  LOL.

Gettin' it in!
Gettin’ it in!

I call the photo above, “Gettin’ It In”, LOL.  When my nephew saw this on FB last year that’s what he wrote and exclaimed.  He didn’t know his auntie had it like that.  And at 46 years old.  That’s me on the right near the red chairs.

HI-Liters Alumni Band

While rehearsing for the Battle of the Bands performance the ladies decided to let me dance the 50 yard line as my retiring performance.  Our band director, Doctor Alvin Fulton, always told us (when I was in Rhythm Teens, the jazz band, as a Rhythmette [dancer] in high school); “Always leave them wanting more”.  I felt 49 was a good age to do my thing and then leave it to others!

50 yard line
50 Yard Line

Workin’ it to Michael Jackon’s “Thriller”.  Well, we were marching up in place to do it.  We formed a “V” with me at the point of the “v’.  You know what that means, right?  It means I could NOT look to the left or right if I forgot a step, LOL.  The two drum majors were doing entirely different things than us dancers so they would not be of help either (I’m cracking up at the memory of the day).

On the 50 yard line
I believe I repped; held my own amongst the young ladies, LOL!

Giving props to the Best Band in the land!

These children have heart, spunk. That’s how it’s always been and no doubt always will be.  It’s called legacy.

Cheerily and lyrically yours,


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