Wrap Skirt Simplicity 1164

Simplicity 1164

This double layer skirt is a wrap skirt on steroids!  When mine arrived from India and I unwrapped the package – OMG, eyegasms one after the other!  Check out the one I purchased.  Oh, we won’t even mention the fact that I paid $13.99, free shipping for her AND she’s silk.

Vintage Silk Sari Magic Wrap Dress

I can’t wait to come up with tops to wear with this sweet skirt.  Yet, I digress.  After opening the package I went online to see what I could find out abV-Neck Topout the supposed over 100 ways to wear it. The ‘Net did not disappoint and to boot I found the Simplicity 1164.

This is the first simple v-neck top I made to wear with my new Vintage Silk Sari Magic Wrap Skirt Reversible Dress Multi Layered from India.  It’s wrinkly because of the linen fiber content.  You can read all about it by clicking on the photograph.  The back is turquoise to pick up the fabric at the bottom of the skirt.  It’s one of the colours I am having a love affair with lately.

If you enjoy fabric and textile art what better way to show off your style than a skirt project like this.  Yaw’ll know I’m all about paying it forward so scurry on over and pick up Simplicity Patterns 1164A Misses’ Double Layer Wrap Skirt, ; the last pattern (when I just checked) at this good price.

Because I know your time is valuable I’m going to save you some by adding video that I found of how to wear this cute skirt.






P.S.  Ahem, I finished the top the day after I wore my skirt to worship.  I just couldn’t wait and wound up wearing a RTW top.  Phooey on me, LOL.  That’s okay, I’ll be making several of these simple v-neck tops to pick up each of the colours of this skirt and those to come from me and my Tabitha.


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