Vintage Style Shoe Passion


Brown Leather Mary Janes – Latest acquisition

You know how they say a thing becomes more real when you write it down – adds to the commitment?  Well, since I began this quest for the daily wearing of vintage styles of course a gal must have the shoes to complete the look.  For now I have two pair of bonafide vintage shoes.

1930s Life Stride peep toe pumps

When I found these shoes I was ecstatic.  They have a leather sole, straight from the 1930s.  Yay!!!!  Lovely as they are they are not for everyday wear.  Now, I want a couple (okay dozens) of kicks that I can wear as I go about my day.  These are some of the babies that are screaming my name NOW!!!!  Their not much . . . only in the $150.00 to a skosh over $200.00 range.  That’s all!

Anita Shoe Red
Anita Shoe Red – $190.00

a 1930’s style peep toe sandal with intricate vamp perforations and a distinctive “U” shape arch strap and buckle.

Malaga Shoe
Malaga Shoe

Now, the Malaga shoe are not to-die-for, but they sure look leather comfy.

COMO $180.00

Yessss, the Comos are gotta-haves.  They are leather, low-heeled, and I know oh so comfy.  Perfect for my walking around and MWC “ministering while cute”.

Remix’s Arbor Shoe
Remix Vintage Style Shoes – $178.00


Remix’s Arbor is a sweet peep toe oxford with antique brass eyelets features an intricate pattern of perforations on the vamp and upper quarter.


Vogue Wedge Sandal by Remix – $178.00

WOW, how I have grown, LOL.  I remember when I wouldn’t be caught dead in this “ole lady” shoe.  I am cracking up at myself.  It is a replicated in every detail, 1940’s style, from the perforations on the vamp, to the grosgrain fabric piping of the original and roller buckles.

The shoes below were found on Pinterest or via the WWW that simply knocked my socks off.  They aren’t in my size, but you know about six degrees of seperation.  Perhaps one of you know a source for them or for a good copy!

4 Colour Snakeskin

Okay, these leather snakeskin babies are beyond drool-worthy.

Gorgeous Periwinkle Purple T-Strap
1930s Vintage Shoes Gorgeous Periwinkle Purple T-Strap by FabGabs


Ivory Oxford Pummps

They make look like nursing shoes, but this style of vintage shoe was one of the first that caught my eye and made me know, “That’s my style”.

Perforated Lace Up Oxford

This shoe calls for ditto of the white leather perforated oxford above.  Oh, and the hosiery – watch out there now!

Art Deco Two Tone Shelby
Art Deco Two Tone Shelby


Just for the fun of it, these are what my man would be sporting had I lived back in the day.


Now you see some of what I like.  If you know of other vintage style shoe sources pay it forward, please.




6 thoughts on “Vintage Style Shoe Passion

  1. lindamartha

    Lyric, I think that I was on the Zulily site the other day and they had a vintage inspired shoe category. Some of the shoes were around 30 dollars! Your choices here in this post are to die for btw! I could not stop at one pair myself.


  2. Beautiful vintage shoes. Bad knees and wide feet prevent me from wearing heels (oh, how I miss them). An older friend and her sister who were in their prime during the late 40’s, and 50’s had a room full of shoes, clothes, hats, handbags, jewelry, you name it. The sister died a few years ago and my friend has to be in her mid 80’s. Her son (my-ex) said ‘Mom doesn’t throw anything out, especially good stuff’. Class never goes out of style.


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