Simple V-Neck Top

V-Neck Top

What could be better than stumbling upon a pattern for fifty cents (.50) that may be used for a variety of outfits?  The Simplicity 8523 pattern comes with four neckline variations.  The V neckline, View F tickled my fancy.  Among the many things I love about this pattern is the fact that no zipper, snaps, or buttons are required.   Side slits are built in for ease of wear and a cute detail I’d say.

Simplicity 8523

Rarely do I cut and sew the same day.  But this top was so easy I completed it the second day. Normally I don’t go for my upper arms being exposed but between the cuteness of the pattern and the humidity I went for it!

Simplicity 8523 Rear View

Aging myself here, but have you heard of Punky Brewster (Soleil Moon Frye)?  I think the show was popular in the 80s.  Anyway, she was known for wearing a variety of colors, within the same outfit, LOL.  I too love bright colours and recently I purchased a skirt with beau coup colors and needed a top to go with it.  To the stash I went.  The off-white fabric that I chose was a skosh too short to complete the top.

Vintage Silk Sari Magic Wrap Dress
Magic Wrap Skirt, wear it 100’s of ways. You Tube and see for yourself.

Back in the stash I remembered a turquoise knit fabric that would go swell with this skirt (see the turquoise at the bottom?).  So I franken________ (whatever that word is) the two fabrics to wear with my new vintage silk sari magic wrap reversible skirt from India.

Simplicity 8523 bias tape


These skirts are too cool. As a matter of fact even though I purchased the pattern, if I see delish silks I am going to get them. Check them out for yourself, here’s a link – Wevez Two Layer Magic Wrap Around Skirt / Dress – Silk Sari Wrap.

I’ve got to write a post about body image some day.  Get this, in RTW I am a size 18.  For most of the big four patterns I wear from a 22 on off the envelope package, right.  Well, lately I’ve been cutting patterns out at the largest size.  Then when it comes time to put together the side and waist seams I wind up cutting inches away to make the fit better.  I should have photographed me trying the top on inside-out to check the fit.  Didn’t think of it at the time, duh.  I’m sure I’ll do it again.

In keeping with my new love of bias tape I replaced the armhole facings with white bias tape.  Had I been a real good gal I would have used white for the front and turquoise for the back area.  But, ahem, I ain’t that good.


Simplicity 8523 close-up
What kind of fabric am I?

I took this close up hoping someone could help me figure out what type of fabric this is.  It has the hand of linen.  That’s why I did not overly press the opening image to show the “texture” of the fabric.  Truly, it is going to take a heapa bunch of starch to get this fabric totally flat.

This pattern was quick and fun to make.  It does not take a lot of fabric and requires no extra notions should you choose to not use them.  Yet, it can be embellished to your hearts content.  Perhaps one day I’ll get a photo of me in the outfit.  Or, perhaps a mannequin before that.  🙂









7 thoughts on “Simple V-Neck Top

  1. nothy lane

    I love the pattern – all those necklines make it a versatile pattern indeed. And in Big 4 Patterns, I ignore the sizing on the envelope and go straight to finished garment sizes printed on the pattern sheets. I;ve taken inches and inches off Buttericks unless I work with the finished pattern sizing…The fabric looks like a loose weave cotton/linen blend and don;t waste time ironing it. In the summer, life is too casual for ironed clothing.

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    1. Hiya Nothy Lane!

      You know, along the lines of fitting/sizing, etc. I have signed up for a Craftsy Course ( that I reaaally need to complete. Not having Internet at the homestead (we live off grid) does not help much in such matters. The part I have gotten through was enjoyable. Actually my plan of action is to view the entire course; THEN, go back and do the course – make a muslin with the pattern that came along with it (how cool was that?).

      The course has developed in me a deep respect for pattern designers and couture sewists. The lazy Louise part of me is asking deep down, “Yeah, but, is there SOME additional way to obtain good fit besides ALL OF THAT?” LOL! By jove, I think YOU just answered that question. Yes, I still want to learn and incorporate much of the time the techniques of the course, but I am going to try what you have shared too and I thank you. Good lookin’ out, girl.




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