Simplicity 2109

Shopping Cart Cover

Sewing with bright, vivid colours absolutely floats my boat.  This Simplicity 2109, shopping cart cover, was a quick, fun project for my granddaughter.  We purchased the pattern last year while visiting but kinda decided it wasn’t worth it to sew.  Well, on my visit last month my daughter said SIL did not want to buy one and asked if I would go ahead and make it.  Yay for me!

Shopping Cart Project

The cotton muslin quilted portion faces the shopping cart. Hopefully it’s comfy for Little Miss Granddaughter.  You know, I have got to figure out how to get my quilting lines straight.  I have one of these thingies . . . .

Quilting Foot

What happens for me though is that the guide thingy on the right moves left and right and my lines wind up not being equal in size.  I am sure there is some kind of duh fix for this.

Project Stats:

  • Cover seat – cotton muslin from my stash – * pert near free
  • Cover seat facing – cotton blend from my stash – * pert near free
  • Batting – from the stash – Free
  • Cover flap – eBay purchase – $3.75
  • Pattern  – from Wal-Mart $1.99
  • Bias Tape – from stash

I would recommend this project for it is quick and oh so easy to make.  I chose cotton fabric for it’s comfort and ease of cleaning which I am sure will be needed quite a bit after being used on public shopping carts.  It just occurred to me to see what these babies run.  I am looking at costs of $24.99 up to $74.99.  All-in-all I think making it was worth the time not to mention it’ll be yet another personal gift from Gramma to the Little Miss.

Now, to get a pic with the Little Miss using her shopping cart cover.  Perhaps someday!  🙂



4 thoughts on “Simplicity 2109

  1. irene

    ohh that is lovely…don’t think my 10 yr old will accept this though..come to think of would you get that boy into the cart in the first place..wahahaha… it!! And i have that foot too and my ‘thingy on the right doesnt’ move…i have 3 of those things you can pin in the foot and 1 is too loose, but the other 2 works maybe you have more and put the wrong pin in??


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