Multi-Fabric Skirt

Multi-Fabric Skirt Project

What a whimsically good time I had making this skirt.  I have decided to call it my Punky Brewster skirt.  Is it busy or what?  All cotton was the fabric choice for this project which should serve me well on walking tours in Niagara Falls, Canada, or Manhattan later this spring.

Multi-Fabric Skirt Front

It took two days to put her together.  I would say the difficulty level was advanced beginner.  the main thing that worked my nerves was having to turn from one page with instructions to a different one in the beginning of the book.  Hey, at least the publication has wire spirals so it lies flat.  The reason instructions are in more than one place is that conveniently there are “general” instructions and project specific ones too.  That’s a good thing.

Multi-Fabric Skirt Pocket Side View
Top of pocket view

Multi-Fabric Skirt Side View

Now, let me tell you about Sew Serendipity: Fresh and Pretty Designs to Make and Wear.

It is one of those books that come with full sized patterns – YAY!  My skirt was made using the XL size.  Oh, and the patterns are multi-sized.  Of the 18 projects in the book at least 15 caught my eye and I see myself sewing many of them in cotton that I so love.

Multi-Fabric Skirt Back 2
Back View

This Punky Brewster skirt definitely came out looking like the pattern.  I would consider making more – well, after I complete some of the other cute skirts in the book!  Not sure what possessed me, but I cut the majority of this fabric with my rotary cutter.  What, oh what took me so long to do that!  Man, I am hooked.


Multi-Fabric Skirt Bottom 2

The book showed making this ruffle with a ruffler attachment and boy do I want one.  That is one downfall about working with an antique sewing machine.  Unless of course an attachment may be found for it.   Perhaps I should look to see.  The instructions were to make a double row of stitching to gather and make the ruffle.  Well, the length of this piece was 44″ x 2.  When I began to pull to gather you know the string broke (rolling my eyes; this always happens to me).  So, I simply began to fold the fabric and try to make it look like the ruffles on the book.  Needless to say they are uneven; but I decided to not kick myself in the butt about it.  I am going to search for a ruffle attachment for my hand crank and maybe the treadle too (I haven’t brought myself to sew on Dorcas yet).


  • Fabric – all 5 pieces from eBay at less than $5.00 for each 1 1/4 yard piece
  • Invisible Zipper – $3.29 @ 40% off
  • Vintage Rick Rack – from stash, virtually free
  • Thread – from stash

Multi-Fabric Skirt Bottom

All that is needed is to find a cute top to pair with this skirt.  I will then be good to go.  Now, back to sewing my 1933 raised waist skirt.




12 thoughts on “Multi-Fabric Skirt

  1. Lara

    Hey Ms Lyric- I think you might like these, I have them, they work, no rare gizmos required:

    They are somewhat pricey, but considering they are no tech (my kind of tool!), they should last, will have many uses, and work with any method of sewing, hand, no electric, or the fanciest thing there is. I hope this helps!


  2. lindamartha

    This is great and I love the mix of patterns you chose. I hate making ruffles and didn’t think that there could be an actual device to make them so I will have to have a look around for one!


    1. Thank you, 🙂 Linda Martha! Yes, goggle “ruffle maker” and you will see them. The one I saw is $30 and for now I just don’t have it like that for one, laughing waaay out loud. But, if I had extra I would purchase it.

      Liked by 1 person

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