Spring for Cotton Sewing Challenge


Red White Vintage Blouse

Vintage 1940s tickled my fancy for this year’s Spring for Cotton Sewing Challenge with Lucky Lucille and sewing friends. I am pulling up the rear at a skosh over a week late with this retro Simplicity 1692 beauty, View D.

Simplicity 1692 Project
This gal deserves to be shown so I am adding her to the collective.  If no one in the group sees her she’ll certainly be seen on moi for I love this easy to make top.  Since I’ve been sewing vintage style garments I have come to love the double dart feature many of them seem to incorporate.

Simplicity 1692 double darts
This was pressed if you can believe it!


This top went together surprisingly fast (er ah, had I not preempted it with M6993 and other sewing projects).  There are sure to be more of these babies coming from me and Tabitha in the months ahead.

The pattern calls for six 1/2″ buttons; to my stash I went.  Lookie what I found!

Vintage white Buttons

Simplicity 1692 Shoulder Shot
Left Shoulder


Simplicity 1692 Left Shoulder
Right Shoulder

You’ll notice I have one odd-ball button.  It was the right size, right colour, so in she went.  I am wonky, eccentric.  What can I say?  Truly, no one has a vintage style top like this one.

Vintage Blouse Left Side

In a hurry to get this posted I did not get photographs of the top with me in it.  I found a way cool pair of red sunglasses.  Not sure if they are vintage or not.  Perhaps when I actually wear the top and sunglasses I can get a pic and remedy that.

Vintage Blouse ugly bird

Project Stats:

  • Fabric – Vintage cotton table cloth (less than $2.00)
  • Thread – 40% off sale at Jo-Ann Fabrics
  • Invisible zipper – Repurposed
  • Vintage Cotton Rick Rack – *pert near free
  • Vintage buttons – *pert near free
  • Difficulty:  Intermediate

* – See my blessing for details of Lyrically styled “pert near free”.

Vintage Top Side Front View

Remember this top is made from a repurposed, cotton, tablecloth, right?  Well, I must confess . . . . after I cut this baby out I noticed a  burr, if you will, on the right shoulder.  Grrrr.   I can not even see it on the top photograph.  Can you?  I have no clue right this sec how I am going to address it.  I thought about adding another rick rack bow, but I really think that would be bow overkill.  Putting a patch underneath it seemed, tacky or something, I dunno.  With my non-chalant self I’ll probably wear the thing and act surprised if someone notices and say, “Oh, thank you for showing me”!



15 thoughts on “Spring for Cotton Sewing Challenge

  1. nothy lane

    What an adorable blouse. The double darts at the waist do seem to be big in vintage patterns. I love the rickrack on the blouse too. And I love that you repurposed a table cloth…I do that from time to time with linings.


  2. Lara

    I think we must be cousins or something. This pattern is on my “maybe” list…I was hoping to see a couple of versions on people. I had the chance to get a couple of patterns cheap, and budgets being what they are, chose this one first:

    I’m mostly interested in views a & b, but your version interests me, especially because the sleeves look longer than the artwork would indicate. They seem to be long enough to have some coverage, but short enough to help you stay cool.

    I’m taking notes for when I get my sewing machine fixed!

    If I had the burr problem, I’d put a tiny patch underneath, cut a small oval from the rick rack, sew it over the burr with a couple of black dots and feelers for a ladybug and wear it with a big ol’ grin!


    1. Hello Lara,

      What a nifty idea. I came online to show pics of me in the top (I just had to get some). I like it better seeing it on too. I even took one of the faux pas. I’ve got to check out the link you shared. Thanks for sending it.




      1. Anonymous

        Your blouse looks even better on, the neckline and sleeves are great! I’ve bumped the pattern to my “yes” list. Those sunglasses are the bee knees, and I can see you’ve got some serious attitude goin’ on when you wear them! Fun!


    2. Hot dang, Lara. I’ve got that pattern and View C has my name written allllll over it. Oh, and I “think” I lengthened the sleeves on mine. I noticed it today when I tried on the top before photo shoot that they seem longer than the photo on the envelope sleeve. IF I did, I won’t the next time for I think I have an inch or two to play with in that area. 🙂




  3. This turned out really cute. I thought I was the only one you said “pert near”, learned that saying from my grandma and uncles. Know you like vintage patterns, and style, and ran across “Wearing History Clothing and Sewing Patterns”, have you heard of them and if so have you used their patterns? I ordered my first pattern from them, and waiting for it to come in.


  4. So pretty Lyric.. Love the odd button on it too..[adds character.]
    As for the little flaw..I bet no one will ever notice.. I would wear and enjoy..
    Love the ” pert near” free..
    Have a great day..


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  6. waterbear

    Wonderful fitting neckline and waist darts. As for the burr, I have pulled threads from a scrap of the same fabric and then needle woven the threads in to cover something up. But I think I may prefer your “smile and thank you” solution better!


  7. lindamartha

    This is sweet! I have this pattern and made the one with the higher collar which is not comfortable to wear for me so thought to make the version you have made here. Your work has encouraged me to go ahead and do it. Its adorable.


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