A Dress Thing


After the fun of making my Little Black Dress the thought of making more vintage style girly dresses is appealing.  Well, actually the making of dresses is the focal point of my wardrobe recreation.  Last year I got side-tracked with learning to quilt and making quilted totes and purses it seems.  They were quite fun to make.  This spring I would like to focus on wardrobe building dresses.  Especially vintage-style day dresses.

To start the season off right I just ordered Folkwear 249.

For the life of me I do not know why there are not more reviews of this frock on Pattern Review.  I could only find two.  Needless to say I can’t wait to add mine to the collective.  Folkwear’s real life photos of this dress do it no justice; neither do the line drawings which speaks to why I had not purchased this pattern some 20 years ago when I first became aware of it.

Folkwear 249 Line Drawing
Here’s hoping mine turns out better looking on me than the two above, giggles.  Ya gotta love Pinterest.  Check out this cute cotton 50s cocktail dress.  When I think of “cocktails” I think if a semi-dressy evening gathering.  But how about simply looking good just because you can.  With that said I would wear this dress even while relaxing at home or on errands during the day.  It’s about looking good for me anytime of the day.  This dress does not look overly complicated to duplicate as I have no pattern for it at this time.  I am liking the fabric.

50s cotton cocktail dressNow THIS looks scrumptuously simple and it is made of lavender cotton.  Image it with a hand crocheted shrug.  🙂

vintage1950sprinteddaydressLavender Cotton Day Dress

Upon closer inspection look what I found out about this frock – cute purple piping.  I fell in love with piping [and bias trim] when I started vintage-style sewing.  This frock is simply too cute and I will be on the lookout for a similar style pattern.

Are you a connoisseur of vintage fashions particularly the 30s – 50s?  Go get your eye and brain candy at Vintage Dancer.  Do you think we’ll ever return to a lady wearing gloves?

Though I am not crazy about my upper arms being exposed there is something about this sleeveless shirt dress that catches the eye.  From looking at these photos apparently I need to get my hands on a couple pearl necklaces:  white and ivory to go with a variety of outfits.

short-sleeve-shirtwaistIt would be nice to top off some of my vintage dresses with shoes to complement the look.  If only we paid these prices!


Just had to put up some eye candy for all of us. These kicks are from Remix.


Remix Vintage Style Shoes


Since I’m hard pressed to choose one why don’t we just make it the goal to get one pair of each.  Size 9 please, thank you.



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