Little Black Dress B5880


Every girl needs a little black dress, right? Here is my first vintage styled rendition Butterick 5880.  It was just the thing for this year’s Commemoration of the Lord’s Evening Meal.

Hubby took photos graciously.  Imagine when I saw they are blurred, argghhh; bless his heart.  Well, this is what I have to work with and share with you all.

B5880 Front View

The front bodice of this frock really rocked my boat.  The double bust darts, mmmmm good.

B5880 Bodice

I was a tad worried about doing it justice; however, it was not that difficult to achieve.  Interfacing is placed at the neckline and there is a facing with stitching lines indicated for the points.  Voila!  I really, really, like that neckline detail.

B5880 Flap View

Anything asymmetrical catches my eye too.  The way the fabric is pleated and gently falls on the left hip, oooh laa  laaa.  I wanted this photo to really stand out.  Alas, it’s blurred too.

B5880 Blurry

Project Stats:

  • Crepe fabric – Online purchase; maybe around $15.99
  • Vintage leather soled shoes -thrift store purchase.  I forgot the price but trust me, they were not overly expensive
  • Birdcage hat – $4.99
  • Crochet gloves – Less than $5.00
  • Vintage hand bag – $2.00

Skill level:  Intermediate

Would I make this project again:  You bet, perhaps in ivory

Do I recommend this for others:  Oh yes!

The only thing missing was cuban-heeled seamed hosiery.  Perhaps the next time I wear this frock I will have them.

B5880 Front Side View

Er ah, I am seeing my mamma looking back at me in a couple of these photos.   Mmmm mmmm, scary; LOL.  With this dress I wish I had posing skill like some of my online sewing mentors (ya hear me Beccie Leathley, Rochelle New, Gertie, Oona Paloona)!

B5880 is fully lined. I do believe this may be the first garment I have made with a full lining.  I had to push myself for the patience to add the lining.  I read they make a garment wear and hang better.  Just the thing for taking my sewing to the next level which is the main goal in my sewing these days.  I was glad that I lined it and look forward to adding linings to many future garments.  Making the belt was a fun addition too.  Another first for me.

B5880 Front

Now here’s the part where you get to critique this project.  I am so open to learning so give it to me good.  Oh, and thanks for visiting and checking out my “Little Black Dress”.



31 thoughts on “Little Black Dress B5880

    1. Hello OddlyEnded,

      I got a J O B is what’s been keeping me busy. Just completed orientation and started covering shifts all by myself last week. Phew! But, the good news is now I can expand my repertoire of fabric choices beyond bed sheets.




      Liked by 1 person

  1. Drea

    Great job cuz! That dress pattern reminds me of the days when I used to “try” to sew. That didn’t work out to well for me so on to other professions I went, lol. That’s a great pattern, I love that dress! I have the perfect 4in heels to rock with it 🙂


  2. Lara

    Oh wow! The neckline, the drape! I love that it’s lined, the belt, double (!) bust darts. It’s like a whole box of fancy chocolates in one dress. I know, I’m gushing, but you’ve really made something lovely, and the dress looks wonderful on you. Well done!


    1. Thank you, Miss Andie. 🙂 Hey, are you playing with us in the Spring for Cotton sew-a-long with Rochelle? I have pert about two weeks to come up with SOMEthing, LOL.




      1. I’m hoping to, but am in the process of sewing my wedding dress so I may not get to it in time! But I have a dress already cut out and ready to be sewn for it!


      2. Big hugs and C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S to you, Miss Andie. Yes, I recall seeing a post about the dress. I have got to get over there, get caught up in my blog reading. (I started a new job recently and ‘Net time has been few and far).




  3. Helle

    A beautiful dress, I like your vintage style. I know what you mean about dressing retro and suddenly looking at your mother! You have inspired to get back to sewing again.


  4. bookwerme

    I only just found the msg to move over to new page. LOVE your dress and love seeing the photos of YOU in the new dress. Well done!!


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