Pink Minoru

Pink Minoru

One just wouldn’t do; no way.  Sew, here is my second Minoru jacket pattern by Sewaholic.  Check out the dude or dudette riding the bicycle out on the road.  I just had to leave that feature in my photo, giggles.

Pink Minoru Lining

What can I say about working this project?  I am still in love with the cuteness that is Minoru.  Let’s get to the down and dirty of this project:

  • Outer fabric – Bed sheet, cotton blend, maybe $1.00
  • Lining, cotton with a tad of stretch, no more than $6.00
  • Separating zipper – $5.00
  • 2″ elastic – $4.00 ish

Pink Minoru Inside

I opted to not line the hood this time figuring there would be less bulk in the neck area.  When the lining fabric arrived I was tempted to use it for the outside of the jacket, LOL.  But, since my first Minoru was “lively” I opted for a plain Lyrical one and stuck with the pink

Pink Minoru Back

Since I promised the good, bad, and ugly of my projects I must confess some hiccups on my part.  For one, I used black elastic for the waist and wrists.  It is glaringly obvious.  But, when I put white up to the fabric it was no better.  I should have doubled the fabric in the casing especially at the waist.

Trying to be a big girl I decided to add side inseam pockets.  Ay yi yi.  First of all, I forgot to put ’em in.  Sew I had to rip the side seams to include them.  I think they are a skosh too low.  Hey, it was my first time attempting such a thing so I am not going to tar and feather myself . . . this time.  I also wish I could have found a baby pink separating zipper.  You would not believe all I went through to get a separating zipper the proper length at all.

Pink Minoru Pockets

Another thing that is on my mind about this project . . . .this jacket was initially made to wear on a trip to the Nederlands.  My ticket is for April 9th and I am unable to go.  I was simply distraught about it all (long story).  Needless to say it was increasingly difficult to complete this jacket.  Truly, I am heart sick about it all.  Add to it all that it is 80 degrees in the shade here . . . sigh, talk about no motivation to complete.  So, today I just pushed through, sewed the hem (improperly) just to “git r done”.

Many people said the sleeves on the Minoru were very long.  One sewist even called them “gorilla sleeves”; bwwahhh haaa.  But, guess what, I decided to lengthen them on this project by 1″ I think.  Additionally, I lengthened the jacket by 3 or 4″; I don’t remember this second.  I wanted it to fall further below my bum than my first one.  Oh, and I did a 1.5″ fba just to see the difference.  Looking at the photos I probably should have opted for an even longer zipper.  If I do another I want the separating zipper with two heads to make sitting and driving in her comfy.

Overall, a pleasing project to sew and I am looking forward to wearing this probably early 2016 when it gets cold again.



18 thoughts on “Pink Minoru

  1. Lara

    I am so sorry you’ll miss your trip! I love the lining in your jacket, some (not so) secret sass! You know, you’re so cool, you can be laid back about it, no need to shout kind of thing. Maybe you can find some ribbon or bias tape to sew around the hem, hood and wrists that matches the zipper. Then it’s totally “intentional” for the zipper color, giggles (as you say).


  2. Trish

    Sorry to hear about your missed trip. But your two Minorus are wonderful. If it was me I would leave that jacket open so everyone could see the awesome lining. You’re right though, sometimes useful is better than eye catching.


  3. Looks great lyric! I’ve missed chatting with you! Sorry to hear that you can’t go on your trip. 😦 I’ll be heading for the Sunshine State on Friday! We’ll have to chat when I get there. 🙂


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