Making It Fit


Initially this post was going to be a quick tutorial on how to measure your waist.  To find your waist, tie a string tightly around to waist. It will settle naturally at the smallest area which is where your waist is. It’s often higher than you might think.  However, I stumbled on something way better than that.


Now yaw’ll know at least two things about me:  1)  I am all about paying it forward; and 2)  The premise of my blog (well one of them) is that of taking my sewing to the next level.  Beside the fact that Designer Joi has a way cool name (I know because we share it) the reviews on her Craftsy class and book made me sit up and take notice.

As I was reading through the comments at Amazon I noticed one beginning sewist was less than enthused with the book.  Designer Joi replied with style and class mentioning, among other things, that “her particular method may not be what is needed by the sewist and that many sewers combine fitting methods to get just what they need”.

Create the Perfect Fit: Measuring and Pattern Fitting for Real Sewing Solutions will definitely be making the cut into my sewing reference library.  Ms. Joi teaches how to achieve magnificent fit from self-measuring.  Yes!  I am thrilled that I stumbled upon her via a comment over at Curvy Sewing Collective. Oh, and to top it off, if you are a visual learner like me you may take her online Craftsy class with me called Fast Track Fitting.

Let me know if you have taken this course or if you decide to scurry on over there and take it too.







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4 thoughts on “Making It Fit

  1. Lara

    I’ve been very intrigued by the information presented and reviews of her classes and book. Her fitting classes are at the top of my list. I would be interested to know your opinions as well. I have the same goals as you do…to improve my skills, which is why I check in with you. I’ve learned a lot already, and I thank you very much!


    1. Awww shucks, Lara. You made me smile. It really is sew cool to have a plethora of cyber sewing buds going in the same direction, isn’t it? To personal sewing greatness.




    1. Good news, Judy. If you will, would you consider checking it out through my link? Should you purchase you pay no more but as an affiliate I would get a small commission.




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