Butterick B5880



Old Hollywood Glamour Dress- Retro 1950s at its best.  This is the dress of choice to wear to this years annual Memorial Celebration on April 3.  Initially I thought of wearing a colourful version but decided since I do not have a “little black dress” to follow my girl, Kacy’s idea, and make it in black.  A crepe will do just nicely and I found just the thing on eBay.

black crepeblack crepe

Meanwhile, check out what I just purchased to go with her.


In my mind’s eye this will be a beautiful outfit for the occasion.  My 1930s Life Stride peep toe pumps will surely complement the look.

Life Stride

Last but not least I would love a pair of cuban-styled nylons, but that may be pushing it for my budget.  I may have to make due with a pair of black Hanes Sheer Silk Reflections.  We’ll see.

The bedsheet muslin went well with my cutting out the largest size on the pattern.  I did not do a FBA.  Now, here’s the thing – I have been reading that most patterns are made for a “B” cup.  My girls are “DD”!!!

Looking unsuccessfully for black organza gloves I settled for the black crochet gloves below:

black crochet gloves

Here’s hoping they arrive in time for the Memorial!  🙂

Stay tuned for the lyrically styled version of this beautiful frock.






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12 thoughts on “Butterick B5880

  1. Scurred of you!!!! All of that will look gorgeous together. Umm…you know you have to have gloves to go with it. It reminds me of how my aunt would be styling at the Memorial(she passed away last year at 93 yrs old)…hat, gloves and a snazzy dress. I haven’t decided yet what I am making.

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    1. Thank you, Nothy.

      I aim though to up the skills (signed up for a Craftsy class on a Couture dress. Get this, it included a FREE Vogue pattern. I simply MUST complete the thing. And, my pace is slowing down considerably because guess what . . . . I GOT A JOB. Yes. Girl, I was beginning to feel unemployable. It is called PRN, which is on as as-needed basis. But, it should put me in a position to afford more than bed sheets for fabric.

      I am so excitedly blessed and grateful to Jah for providing this employment for me.




    2. Oh, and er ah, P.S. I am almost done with another Minoru jacket (giggles). I haven’t blogged about it . . . YET! There is a method behind my sewing frenzy madness. Stay tuned!


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