Sew Retro Rose Give-a-Way

Sew Retro Rose Valentine Giveaway 2015

Oh my goodness!  I am the winner of Sew Retro Rose’s Valentine Give-A-Way!  Between that and getting a new job this week I am feeling thankful,  blessed, and ecstatic!

Not being the most creative in the crayon box I humbly ask how would YOU embellish with the pretty rick rack?  The top and skirt are calling me for this lovely fabric.  Off the top of my head I was thinking of putting some near the bottom of the skirt.  Perhaps a double row?  If I had a smaller waistline I would put some there but no need in drawing attention to that area, right? Rick Rack jewelry anyone?

I have got to try this soon.

rick rack skirt

This fabric is gorgeous.  Of course, it comes from Beccie!  The black background really sets off the vivid colours.  I am going to feel so special and pretty in the outfit that I make with it.

Any rick rack ideas?  Oh, and stay tuned for a Lyrically styled creation from this sweet gift.


Yippeee, my package arrived yesterday (3-20-15) from Australia!  Super hugs to you Beccie.  Thank you for this gift.  🙂  You know, I’ve been thinking about this fabric since it arrived.  I do not think I am going to make a full circle type skirt with this lovely fabric.  Frankly, with 46″ hips I just don’t think the full circle is flattering on me.  Half, or quarter circle, okay I can deal with that.  If I weren’t swearing off pants and the like I’d make a cute romper style outfit.  But, that ain’t happening either.  I do see a skirt and 50’s style top though.



8 thoughts on “Sew Retro Rose Give-a-Way

  1. Nothy

    Wait until the skirt is made and then decide. But I doubt you will need it…that material is so vibrant that it doesn’t need embellishment. Congratulations on you win and your new job.

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    1. You know, I was kinda thinking that too, Nothy. I guess I was thinking I was “supposed” to use it for “this” because Beccie so kindly included it. But, on the other hand, using it on an entirely different outfit will remind me of her gift over and again. 😉




  2. Angela W.

    You could place it vertical on your buttonhole placket and INSIDE the collar stand. Nice and sutble.
    (Congrats on the new job! I just started a new job two weeks ago myself!)

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