Birdcage Veil

birdcage_veilAs a vintage lover how could it have taken me so long to tackle a birdcage veil?  Well, just the occasion is coming on April 3.  To top it off I found an affordable source for French netting for birdcage veils and fascinators.

From my quick research the choices are French or Russian netting with the french being the choice of discriminating veil makers (snickles).  Seriously, the Russian is stiffer which would suit the purposes of those wanting a highly stylized birdcage veil.  The French netting is said to be softer.

Here is a way cool article about making your own bandeau veil.  This veil is super easy.  My taste goes more toward the birdcage style veil which is super easy to make too.

As it turns out I found the above veil for a ridiculously reasonable price.  Still, I am still glad I researched necessary materials for making my own.  When I get around to making my first veil with material from Bird Cage Supply I will be in a better position to compare the french netting with the less expensive materials in the one I just purchased.

Now that I know they are so easy to make surely I will make several to complement the many upcoming vintage style dresses sure to come from me and Tabitha.



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