1930s Capelet Intro and Muslin

1930s capelet pattern

The first sew-a-long for 2015.  Decades of Style,  pattern #3009, capelet hosted by Sew Retro Rose.  It took some doing for me to play along with this project.  Then again, because of the lovely ladies involved it became easier.  The thing is I do not think this capelet will “do” anything for my silhouette.  Still, I will learn and practice some new techniques including bound buttonholes.  That alone will make this sew-a-long very good.

Looking at the sizing chart fitting this on my body will be a challenge.  I am all over the place with the bust at a size B, the rest of me in two different sections of size c.

Perhaps this would be a good top to wear with a vintage styled pencil skirt for the Memorial this year in April.

1930s Capelet Decades of Style

A deep coral fabric is calling me but I have yet to find some.  This cotton was on sale and the pattern caught my eye though I really wanted to go lighter for this capelet.

Meanwhile, here is where I am with my muslin:


I was happy with how the top hangs under the dart.  Clothing that fits too snugly is not comfortable for this granny so I do not think I need to take in the side seam or add darts.



As an intermediate sewist, at best, what do you see?  Perhaps you are observing something that I am simply not trained to notice.  I am open for constructive criticism.


I thought I would have to lower the darts then it dawned on me . . . . I reached in and pulled up the bra strap to where the girls SHOULD be if I had a properly supporting brassiere and the darts were fine.  With my new job on the horizon I will be purchasing Wacoal or some other supportive armament.

Since I would be using cotton or some other lightweight fabric I will not be making a lining for this project.



8 thoughts on “1930s Capelet Intro and Muslin

      1. Why thank you, kind lady. Shhh, between you and me, IF the cape part comes out as I hope, honey don’t think I won’t wash and starch the heck out of the muslin part and wear that baby with a beige skirt one day. Humph. I’m not throwing that muslin away.




    1. Hello Judy,

      I see a skirt with this. The other day it was over 80 in the shade here and it’s only February. This summer is going to be hot off the chain, so we’ll see what happens with a project such as this.




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