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With all the reading I have been doing about sewing “costumes” (I am viewing that descriptive word with disdain for my purposes as I want to adopt wearing such garments day-to-day) it has become abundantly obvious that my sewing skills are at the 101 level while my sewing desires are at couture levels. This sucks rocks since I have been sewing since I was in elementary school and should really have better sewing skills. Yet it is what it is.

I am faced with a decision. Rise to the occasion or stay in mediocrity. Perhaps I can land somewhere in the middle especially since I am not particularly shooting for the wearing of “costumes” nor even historical accuracy for reenacting purposes. I simply want to wear modest, comfortable dresses that happen to resemble Regency, Edwardian, and 1950’s fashions but with TODAY’S silhouette! Not sure if that is doable, but I am going to keep reading to find out. Then again, the modern pattern companies do offer vintage or retro style patterns and I believe they have been designed with today’s womanly shape in mind. So, there I have it! Resources for better retro sewing should help. I am going to compile links to resources as I find them and place them here for reference. If I am smart I will also print them out for my hard copy reference library.

How To: Sizing Up Vintage Patterns For Modern Wear

Making a Workable Dress Form

Dress Forms

Vintage Sewing Machine Tips

Tips For Vintage Sewing

Stay tuned as I find more resources I’ll surely share them here.




4 thoughts on “More Sewing Resources

  1. What not transform in degrees? Add some vintage flair and then add more. I love how feminine the dresses from the fifties looked and how sleek the young girls in the sixties looked. THanks for the links on sizing up patterns!


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