Lyrically Styled Minoru Jacket


What a pleasure the Lyrically Styled Minoru jacket was to complete.  This is my second Sewaholic pattern and it did not disappoint.  I purchased a pdf because I could not stand to wait for a tissue pattern to post from Vancouver, Canada.  Though copy paper is stronger I confess to liking tissue paper pattern with the coloured envelope and neatly typographed instructions.


This wearable muslin is straight up with no chaser, made from the pdf sheets with no additional drafting.  Sewaholic’s patterns are drafted with the pear shape in mind and until last month her sizes only went up to a US, size 16.  My shape is simply large–versus any fruits I have seen.  In ready to wear I am a size 18 and when it comes to the big 4 I sew sizes 22-24 (oy vey).  The sizing measurements for this pattern indicated a size 16 as fitting me and even then with a heapa buncha ease.  Hesitantly I dove in and cut the size 16.  I tissue (or rather copy paper) fitted the sleeve before cutting it out and it fit perfectly.  Truth be told I forgot the myriad of comments I had read about the jacket having long, “gorilla” arms!  I had every intention of re-drafting them when I made mine.  Thankfully, I am pleased with the sleeves.


I can think of nothing to dislike about this pattern.  I will definitely be making more; at least two more (a pink one for my friend, Brittaney, and a solid navy blue one for myself) both from my stash.  It would be nice if someone saw mine and commissioned me to make one for them.  Well, at least the hubby says mine looks good enough to sell them (bless his heart).  Why I even have the blog post name created for the next ones, “Minoru Jacket Mania”.


Points of difficulty were truly my own.  For instance, the pattern states to mark the waist elastic placement lines on the “outside” of the fabric versus the lining fabric.  Did I?  Noooooo!  So, I wound up hand basting the placement lines in red so I could see where to sew the casing for the elastic.  Also, I did something wonky with the zipper for I was to leave 4″ unsewn at the bottom of the placket.  I did.  However, I did not like where the hem was going to hit on me so, I sewed on down into that 4″ allowance and thus made the hem smaller than the specified 2.5″.  Being a bit leary about trusting the envelope measurements I made the placket seams smaller than the specified 5/8″ too.  I wanted to make sure the girls were covered.


What Will I Do Differently On The Next Minoru Project?

  • Full Bust Adjustment
  • Lengthen the jacket 2″
  • Used double tabbed separating zipper
  • Add either in-seam pockets; or, large patch pockets [inside] on the lining
  • Possibly eliminate the hood lining; we’ll see about this  🙂


As an added bonus for myself I made this . . . .



Minoru_McCalls 6905_Bag

It is time for me to get back into my vintage sewing.  On to the 1930s Capelet sew-a-long.

Minoru_Front_McCalls 6905_BagMinoru_Front_McCalls 6905_Bag
Photo credit: Brittaney

Special thanks to my friend, Brittaney, for helping me with photographing my pretty Minoru jacket.






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25 thoughts on “Lyrically Styled Minoru Jacket

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    1. Hello Lady Sarah Liz:

      You have made me smile. Thank you for saying this. This baby is a joy to whip up, seriously. There is nothing to dislike about this pattern (and I said so over at Pattern Review too).

      Thank you for stopping by. Now on to my 1930s Capelet by Decades of Style.




    1. Hey there, Irene!

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I really appreciate it. This baby was made to wear in the Nederlands, honey. Then again, by then I will have made two more. I am making a friend a pink one (just got back from the store to get the 30″ zipper); and I have some plain ole navy fabric in my stash that has Minoru all over it. Peter will surely like the boring blue one from his comment when I was asking advice on purchasing this fabric or the other that was bolder.

      Oh, get this, all excited I just showed it to my library’s assistant, Miss T. She looked at it and said, “It’s atrocious!!!” I fell out laughing.


    1. Hello Ann,

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. The fabric is a woven, cotton lycra. I must go back and check as I meant to say so in the post. I definitely stated it in my writing over at the Pattern Review site. No, there is no coating on it.




  2. Lyric, this is ABSOLUTELY beautiful.. and the bag is just gorgeous.What a lovely set..
    I don’t think you like me very well—- I have told myself I WILL NOT buy anymore patterns for awhile.. I must use what I have ..but you have made me REALLY want this pattern, ha- just teasing.. Seriously, I think I will have to try this jacket.. Yours is totally one of the best ones I have seen. What kinda of fabric did you use?
    Happy caplet sewing..


    1. Giggles, giggles, Judy!!!! No, hon, I absolutely love you, darling! This pattern is sew way cute and even fun to do can you believe it? The fabric is a woven cotton lycra (my first time working with it). ‘Twas a dream I tell you to work with.

      Thank you very much for the comps. It gives me sewing confidence.

      I am just back in from a surprise jaunt to Hancock Fabrics. Still unable to find the deep coral, woven fabric that is in my mind’s eye for the 1930s capelet (whining). I did find a weird cotton that I “might” use for a portion of it. I’ll blog it or simply show it over at our Retro Rose Ladies Group.




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