Minoru Jacket

A Lyrically Styled Minoru Jacket and Hood

Finally, I have a Minoru pattern by Sewaholic.  YAY!  I will be stitching her up this month for the Make A Garment A Month challenge.  The fabric has been ordered via eBay.  It is coming from a seller in my state sew that’s good news as I am impatient to get started.  The zipper is coming from up North.  Hopefully it will be here by the time I get to that step in the pattern.  I have read this pattern is easy to sew.  Sewaholic is drafted for smaller upper bodies I read therefore I will do a full bust adjustment (fba).  Word is that the sleeves are “gorilla’ long, LOL.  Having them hit just above my thumb knuckle is good for me.  The elastic waistband is tres cute, don’t you think?  I see adding an inseam side pocket.

Here is a list of helpful tips I have found out on the web about this pattern.

Minoru Sew-A-Long by Tasia.

Let’s get started First steps.

Minoru FBA by Alana of Lazy Stitching.

Q. What if I want to add inseam pockets (or some kind of pocket) to the front of the jacket?

A. That’s fairly easy to do! Here’s a link to a Burdastyle tutorial that gives you the basics of adding a pocket, and here’s another Burdastyle tutorial that shows you how to sew them. It’s simple to do – just remember to sew them in before sewing up the side seams of your jacket. (When you get the pattern, that point is just before Sewing Step 9.)

Minoru Q & A by Tasia.

If you simply can not get enough of the Minoru like me then check out Minoru Jacket Around The World by Noile.

ETA:  I have completed most of my first Minoru only needed to hem her up.  Check her out here.




8 thoughts on “Minoru Jacket

    1. Hello Faye,

      Can’t take credit for that gorgeous yet. Mine has not been posted yet. The pink one is Tasia’s of Sewaholic. It is there simply as a placeholder (as stated in the description under the photo) until I post mine in a day or so.

      Thank you for visiting and please return when my Lyrically Styled Minoru Jacket post is uploaded. 🙂




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