Stash Busting Organization Intervention


That was the result of looking for a certain fabric in my stash for the upcoming 1930’s Capelet sew-a-long [SAL] hosted by Sew Retro Rose.  Truth be told it took some time for me to warm up to the idea of me and the particular pattern being used for the SAL.  The thing is I can’t resist playing along with my new cyber girls.  Beccie is going to teach us how to make bound buttonholes to boot!  Yet I digress for there will be another post about this uber cool event.

Things were falling everywhere as I searched through the huge rubber bin that holds the majority of my stash.  Why is it that what you want is always at the bottom?


Next thing I know I had to stack items on a step stool as I had run out of table space.  What I need is a stash busting organization intervention.  When it comes to other folk’s stuff I can be the queen of order and organization.  But my own stuff . .  .psssht.  Shelves and paint are at the top on my list for fixing this mess.

Pinterest is the business.  Check out this nifty idea by Peaceful Living.


I have already implemented this.  Now I need more cases as I have confiscated all that I can from my CD cache.  How oh how can I go from this . .  .


to this?


For those curious like me here is a nice tutorial on Fabric Folding. I am definitely going to give this a try.

Or, what about foam board?  This will work for me due to the large amount of quilting fabric scraps and pieces that I have.

foamboard for fabric folding

After reading turning*turning’s method it dawned on me that I also need a system to address fabric that I have already cut into.   You know the fabric that is larger than a fat quarter but smaller than a yard.  Google and Cut to Pieces to the rescue.  Speaking of fat quarters isn’t this a cute storage system?

fabric plastic shoebox storage

Splendid!  Plastic shoe boxes that I can get from the $ store for a buck.  They will shelter my fabrics from dust and I can see through them and know what’s inside.  By jove, that’s it for me!

Can’t wait to get the necessary supplies and get started on my little sweet stash.



One thought on “Stash Busting Organization Intervention

  1. Wow, these are great ideas! My stacks of fabric never stay tidy for long, no matter how careful I am. I’m gonna have to hop over to the Dollar Tree and pick up some plastic shoe boxes!



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