A Restroom Haircut

Lyric_haircutA popular bloggist suggested “Show your readers who you really are. Tell them about a day in your life, your perspective on a particular event . . .”.  Taking her advice I thought it would be fun to share this uncut, unaltered, down-to-earth, for real look into my morning.  I decided to get my hair cut . . . TODAY.  Not having funds to visit a local barber I looked to Mr. Lyric’s daughter to help me.  Every girl has got to have a partner in crime.  Mine is Brittaney.

Before leaving the domicile I packed up old sewing shears (for shame), condish with argan oil, Shea Moisture argan leave-in conditioner, a towel, wrapped my head in the grey scarf there in the photograph and off we went to our local library.  Oh, we did it there because we had to leave to start our day and get everyone to their perspective appointments, etc.  No time to do it at home.  Plus, I had to do it away from the eyes and ears of the Mister.

haircut_sideThe history is this . . . I get bored, want change.  What is the easiest thing to change in one’s life?   Your hair!  A box of dye costs maybe $3.00 and some change on sale, on a good day.  So, on a fateful day some months ago I dyed my silver locks black.  Why, oh why do I continue on this roller coaster?  I get bored; dye my hair; allow it to grow (the longest on record for me was about 4″ above my er ah, bum).

Not a shot of the 4″ above bum, but it’s what I have on hand! Oh, and it is full of black DYE!!!

Back to the story . . .  get bored with length, visit the barber and get a bald fade and perhaps bleach it blonde; oh yeah.

lyric-blonde-2010Let it grow back long.  Oh, I forgot to mention I LOVE, absolutely love my grey, silver, gray, white, whatever you want to call it locks.  But then boredom sets in and I DYE IT. Grrrrrr.  I have been told by friends that I look old with grey hair and that I should dye it.  The more they say it, the more I staunchly cling to my white hair.  If only I could beat the boredom beast.

2006 – airport on way to Chicago

So, where was I?  Oh yes, grow, cut, dye, grow, cut . . . you get the gist.  So, this morning I am on a cut trip.  We cut out the black dye . . . . bwwahhhhh haaaaaa, so it can grow back long.

Check out this beautiful woman’s locks.

beautiful-long-grey-hairI have not a clue who this woman is, but by golly her hair is GORGEOUS!  Get this, my daughter shared this on my Facebook timeline with the note, “This could be you IF you quit dying and cutting your hair.”  She’s right.  Well, kinda, sorta, my hair is thinner than this woman’s especially as I age.  Yet, I digress.  Something similar is mine for the taking IF I become patient and find another creative outlet besides coloring and dying my hair.  Oh, we won’t even speak about how livid the Mister is whenever I cut my hair.

lyric-haircut-3So, the plan for now is to obtain funds to go to a barber and have him clean it up (after all we did do a hack job) before I leave town this spring.  Note to self, “Lyric, do NOT dye your hair.  Rock it as it is white, silver, grey, gray with a skosh of dark brown.  Let it grow, girl.  Back down the back to the top of your bum”.  To the haters that do not like my white hair I take the position, tongue out, nah, nah na boo boo to you.



4 thoughts on “A Restroom Haircut

  1. I’m doing a grow out too, so I can rock my streak of silver/white. I’m not going to chop to the natural until it’s past my ears. I’d like to give it a few more inches growth.


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