Couture Dress – A Craftsy Class


The Couture Dress is my first Craftsy Online Couture Dress Class .  I am sew excited to be taking this class because it is in line with my goal of taking my sewing skills to a higher level.  The course comes with a dress pattern – Vogue 8648; how cool is that?  Funny thing I would probably have never purchased this pattern.  However, looking at it with this course in mind I have a sudden new attitude.  For some reason dresses are catching my eye.  Perhaps because so many of the 40s and 50s beautiful fashions include dresses.  This pattern offers versatility and that’s always a plus.


Now that the pattern has arrived I appreciate it much more.  View C catches my eye though I will be glad when I feel comfortable wearing a view such as A.  These upper arms do not need to be out and about right now.  I’m really going to have fun working the midriff on the bias.  I am in the process of viewing the lesson.  I’ll go through it once which will give me time to come up with the necessary materials.  The second viewing I will be ready to begin the dress with my materials.

Craftsy has many online courses to foster the enjoyment of sewing.  The convenience of an  online learning environment is proving to be quite enjoyable.  In the sidebar of the interface questions may be asked of Susan Khalje, the instructor.  Other students may weigh in and offer advice too.  It’s truly a sewing community.  Not to sound petty, but thankfully, her voice is not annoying.  The course is quite comprehensive and you may access the course indefinitely.  No need to feel rushed to get through it and you can go back when it has been completed.  Beneath the video there is a space to take notes which embed themselves at that point in the video for reference.

Thank goodness I can continue to consult my Craftsy courses.  I am still working my way through this one.



8 thoughts on “Couture Dress – A Craftsy Class

    1. Hello Helen:

      Yes, I see what you are saying. I started the course, had other sewing obligations and immediately incorporated the couple of points. I simply MUST complete this course so I may use them all. Oh, the pattern came free. Did it when you first signed up? Actually, that was a big seller in my selecting that particular course. 🙂




  1. Lyric,
    Your craftsy class sounds wonderful.. I too am taking some.. I really like the format, and love that you can go back and rewatch them over and over… or just a tiny part that you need to revisit.. They have some great teachers.. Best wishes on your class…and the making of your new dress.

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