Death of a Quilted Tote

black woman screaming
The darn goat or goats DESTROYED my Hadassah Charm Tote.  LIVID does not come close to expressing my rage, my disgust, the horror of it all. LOOK AT MY DESTRUCTED QUILTED TOTE!!!  I had just washed the tote and had it hanging out on the line to dry.  (Rolling my eyes REAL hard right about now).

Yeah and here are the culprits!

The culprits: Hepsabuh and Chmere

When I first discovered this a couple of hours ago I was so thoroughly disgusted that I wanted to throw the thing away.  This is the tote that I use to transport my PC.  The I thought about the lovely batik prints.  Grrrrrrrr.  I had to get it out of my sight so I could finish letters I was writing.


See, I keep telling myself not to whine, but I blame this living off the grid crap.  Had I a regular washing machine and dryer this bag would have been cleaned, dried, and placed where I keep it versus out on a line for days on end.  Why?  ‘Cause it is cold as a witches tit here in the night and morning.  The thing is washed in cold water, hung out to dry.  During the night there is the dew, right???  So unless my laundry dries during the day, it get REWET at night.  Double diggity grrrrrrr, people.

One handle totally ripped from the main unit.


Filthy lining and ripped handle

Now the tote smells like Hepsabuh (male goat).  Double grrrrrrrr.




So, after I completed my work I was at least able to look at the thing (still rolling my eyes real hard) trying to figure out how (or IF) to repair.  Initially I thought of ripping and reusing the pretty batik charms for something else.  Sigh.  It is not looking good as a prospect to keep it all the way real.

screaming lady
This is me screaming, “Whyyy???!!!”

Do you think this can be a fix or is it totally a miss?  Truly, my brain is fried about it all.  Bottom line I need a padded computer bag with all the transporting I do between home, the library, and soon on a plane trip across the Atlantic.



12 thoughts on “Death of a Quilted Tote

  1. Angela Wicentowich

    Your male goat is the culprit and does not care that you are angry. (At least that’s the take-away I get from the picture.)
    I would put it away for now, but I think that most of it can be reused. From the pictures, it looks like he only damaged one square, the handle and the bias trim. I think it’s fixable, but maybe when you’re not in the mood to butcher and slow cook the goat.

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  2. 😅 😅 Hmmm, you know they barbeque goats ’round here? Or maybe use some goat skin patches to replace the torn ones! Boy they did a number on it. By the way, that first picture is a great image of a conniption. 😅 😅
    I think the first thing I would do is to try and get the goat smell out. No point in fixing something that will continue to stink. I always have trouble not seeing the problem in person, but you might be able to resew it, with some replacement patches and taking in the seams some?? (Sorry, for laughing at first. My grandma always taught me that it’s more fun to laugh than it is to cry. But I do feel your pain.)

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    1. Now, I am cracking up at YOUR cracking up, BWWAHHHH HAAAAA. Get this, I tried carrying it the other day (don’t know why) and here’s the deal . . .

      I AM DONE, over and out. I don’t even want it. My friend, my hubby’s daughter, has agreed to help me salvage the batik charms by ripping the seams apart. The rest I will throw away. It’s in the wash . . . AGAIN (remember, that started the whole fiasco). If the smell comes out we can go that route.

      Sew, looks like I’ll be making another computer tote. This time it will be specifically for my ‘puter whereas my Hadassah bag was not actually created to tote my computer. It’s all good.

      All the animals at our place are there for a reason or a season; i.e., to eat. Surely he will be grilling the goats up sooner or later. Last night we got a couple pigs and he states he’ll salt our 500-lb hog, Bubba. (Sucks to be Bubba).



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  3. bookwerme will never be perfect as it was before the goats, and it is hard to determine whether it is fixable…but most of what I see in your pics looks like it could be repaired. The key is how much effort/time do you want to put into the repairs. Some will need reinforcement…some parts look like they could just be stitched back together. Only you can make the ultimate decision as to what it is worth to you. Sorry for the damage. I’ve been through that with dogs…and with children.

    HUGS! Hope you feel better soon about this latest disaster. Look at it as your latest challenge! Keep us posted on what you do!

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  4. oh… I am sooooo sorry.. I can just see your face… when you walked out and saw your bag.. Its good thing you couldn’t get your hands on Mr. Goat..hahahaha
    Put it aside and maybe later you can figure out a way to repair it.. But if pulling it out stresses you, just toss it and go on..Not worth the stress..
    Your upcoming meat sounds delicious.


    1. Judy,

      You said a mouthful, honey. I MIGHT let Mr. Lyric’s daughter rip the batik charm squares IF she feels like it. Other than that, I’m done! I am already thinking what I’ll do for a new computer tote. I sew love batik and that’s the main thing that PO’d me.


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