A Thriftastic Day!


Perhaps it is a good thing that I do not have my own automobile and a j-o-b.  I would probably spend too much time visiting thrift stores which, of course, would take away from sewing, crocheting, and soon-to-be, knitting.  My last thrifting acquisition was the ultimate mind-blower. Or, so I thought.  Well, my honeys, yesterday, I had another of those . . . those, what can I call it . . . “Go to the thrift store, Lyric” moments.


Some time later I emerged from the store with:

  • 1 yard, 60″ wide, taupe poly suede fabric
  • 1 yard and 32″, 44″ wide, off white quilted and batted fabric
  • 2 – 18″ metal purple zippers
  • 22″ x 43″ red velvet remnant
  • 1 purple and 1 blue vintage thread on wooden spools
  • 10-pair over-door shoe bag
  • 2 – purses/totes


Now, here’s the thing.  The taupe, poly suede (that’s what I call it) fabric . . . a couple of weeks ago my friend purchased some from Jo-Ann and had me make her a skirt.  I had heard of the fabric and even saw it before and always thought it was cheesy, or for old ladies or something.   I just never liked that kind of fabric.  Well, I don’t know what changed; maybe I got old because I was coveting her skirt for real, LOL.  Then, lo and behold I see this piece at the thrift store.  I thought it was a apparition.  I have got to find a skirt that I can make out of this 1 yard of fabric.  It definitely fits around my behind so I know it can be done.


The off-white, quilted fabric . . . you should have heard the choir of angels singing when my eyes spotted it.  Get this . . . I was in the market for a lining for my Minoru jacket (next sewing project).  BAM!  So on point.  Really I had the idea of doing a funky lining but this was just too perfect.  I’m making the Minoru to travel to the Nederlands this Spring and I am sure to be comfy, cozy with this as the lining.


Guess how much this haul set me back
Go ahead – guess!

$3 and some change.  And I do mean small change; i.e., less than fifty cents!  ‘Twas truly a thriftastic day!







3 thoughts on “A Thriftastic Day!

  1. Hey Lyric!

    I adore it when I get a great op-shop haul like that. Lucky you! Those fabrics sound perfect for what you want and oh my goodness those handbags are sooo pretty! Do you have a big straw hat to go with the straw woven one? A big straw hat with a scarf tied round it 🙂


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