Freeform Crochet Top


This is another post from my old blog.  Since I promised to share “the good, the bad, AND the ugly” I had to include this miss of a project.  After I completed this freeform top I promptly folded and placed it at the bottom of my shirt container.  More than once I grabbed it for inclusion in the thrift store bag but I couldn’t bring myself to let it go without wearing it at least once.  Boy is this thing butt ugly.  The yarn, a boucle (I think) was decent enough on it’s own but it certainly did NOT fit this tee shirt project . . . yeck.

January 15, 2014

With excitement I am preparing to begin working on my first freeform crochet lace top . . . finally! Looking for an appropriate top to go with my button embellished skirt this yarn came to mind. Actually I had given it to a girlfriend to knit a shawl for me but she wasn’t impressed with how it handled. Low and behold the colors of this yearn go beautifully with my button skirt.

The yarn is 100% cotton chenille and has many earthy colors which will do well with the skirt and the boots that I have in mind to wear with the ensemble.

If you are new to the concept of freeform crochet click on Myra Wood’s book below and get your copy. Freeform crochet is about YOU, what you want, what you think looks and feels good. I love it.

I’m very excited to get to the creating part. The first thing to do was create a template of my garment. I used an old cotton bed sheet and a crocheted tunic style top that fits me well. Using a permanent marker (you could use any writing device actually) I traced around the top but made the sleeves short. I don’t want them quite 3/4″ but I don’t want them too short either. The template is taped to a corrugated board to form a flat surface to work my crochet magic.

Stay tuned as my crochet lace top comes to fruition. I will post updates as it comes along.

Here is a progression shot of the top. Since the template is off white you can’t see the white crochet lace trim around the arms and neck edge. Also, I feel the camera flash wasn’t the best way to shoot. Stay tuned as I complete this project.

Making the motifs was fun especially picking through the myriad of patterns. I ran into trouble with how to connect them which is the basis for freeform lace crochet. The instructions on how to connect were simple enough (as I went through the process in my mind); however executing it into the project was quite another thing . . . FOR ME.

Right after completing this I said I would not try this technique again. I’ve calmed down a bit though. Actually, I found a book that seems to be about connecting motifs. It has given me hope. Click on the book and check it out especially if you’re connect the motif challenged like me!




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