Vintage Swiss Dot Voile Fabric Gift


Here is another post from my old blog that I want to share:

Oh happy day! Finally, the Vintage Swiss Dot Voile Fabric Gift a la 1940’s that Chuleenan from C Sews sent me has arrived. Actually it arrived early October (2014); but, the sweet lil package had to catch up with me because I relocated. I am so happy! Look how she wrapped it in embroidery floss that used in her own home. How sweet. I am sure I will use it to tie one of my upcoming quilt projects. I love bright colors and this gold is popping. Don’t know if Chuleenan did it on purpose but look how the gold embroidery thread matches the gold in the fabric!


I’ve included a close-up for you to see the pretty detail that I am looking at. I have this “thing” about opening packages. And even though I may know is in the package there is still that sweet rush as I hear the paper crackling and ripping open and the “ahhhhh” of release when my eyes actually fall on the gift! This is a nice triangular piece of vintage fabric approximately 30″ x 22″ x 22″. As an idea-challenged woman now I must decide how best to style with this swatch in a meaningful way. I want it part of something that I wear and will see. Oh, it would be cool to ask the other winners what they did with their swatch.


Click here to see this pretty vintage fabric in style a la Chuleenan! Truly, there is “much more happiness in giving than there is in receiving” that’s why I am looking forward to growing my blog audience and paying it forward with this type of activity. Thank you, Chuleenan for sharing this pretty Vintage Swiss Dot Voile Fabric Gift with me.

ETA:  This pretty gift is still begging to be seen.  It has to be stupendous though.  How oh how shall I incorporate this fabric into a vintage style project?  Please, I am open to suggestions!






P.S.  Chuleenan’s original response:

Lyric – apologies for not visiting earlier! Somehow I neglected to comment on your lovely post. So glad you liked the fabric. And yes, I did choose the embroidery floss to match the yellow of the dots. I embroidered a row of running stitches in that yellow on the collar of the blouse I made using that fabric. I’m sure you’ll make good use of the fabric!

4 thoughts on “Vintage Swiss Dot Voile Fabric Gift

  1. Nothy

    Oh what beautiful fabric. I can’t wait to see what you do with it. And I find sewists are very thoughtful – whenever I buy used sewing patterns all the pieces tend to be there. It’s just part of sewing I think….


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