Hand Stitching 411

Tips for adding hand stitches to your art quilts:

Needle Size Information: Use the appropriate size embroidery needle for the size of thread you are using. Use a size 5 needle for Size 12 pearl cotton thread, a size 3 or 4 needle for Size 8 thread, and a size 1 needle for Size 5 or 3 thread.

Thread Size Information: Size 12 pearl cotton thread is the finest and easiest to stitch through several layers of fused fabrics. Size 8 is the most utilitarian thread for fused art quilts. It is bold enough to be seen but easy to stitch. Size 5 is heavier, a little more difficult to stitch with but gives a bolder look. Size 3 is very heavy, difficult to hand stitch with but is perfect for couching.

  • Cut the thread about 18″ long, any longer and it tangles easily.
  • Stitch just through the top and batting layers of the quilt. When all the stitching is complete, add the quilt back and machine stitch through all the layers if you want.
  • Knot or embed the threads in the batting.
  • To mark a stitch line, score the fabric with the tip of the needle or a fingernail.

This is an excerpt from Artfabrik’s blog. Her blog is insightful, beautiful, and I will surely reference it time and again.



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