White Crochet Choker Earring Set


This post was written from my old blog.  I have since gotten away from the idea of attempting to sell my wares, LOL.  However, as it is one of the few pieces I am  proud of I decided to post it here too.  The tiny photo above was used on the cover page of the blog and it needed to be that size.  Too bad I don’t have a larger photo of this necklace set it is cute.  I made it last year and really I do not know if I still have it or if I gave it away.  If I find it amongst my things I’ll take another photograph of it.

This white crochet choker earring set is from my personal stash too. It was a delight to make and I will be including these in my collection for sale. It is made with cotton crochet thread, is comfy on the skin and get this … you may safely hand wash to keep it fresh and clean. It hand ties at the back and will fit a variety of neck sizes.

The earrings and choker beads are silver with a hint of black making them have a slight antiqued look but not overly much. Future items will have close-up photographs so you may see the items clearer.

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I’m going to upload a larger photograph within the week. I’m in the middle of switching web hosts and of course I am doing this manually and that’s the only photo I have at the moment. Thanks for looking.



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