Baby Booties Ta Boot

Wrap around bootie


It looks as if I’m in the baby booty business.  Sew, rather than have a gazillion posts about all the booties I’m going to make I’ll just make ‘em and post pics of them here.  The booties I am making come from free patterns found on the Internet.  Many thanks to the designers and sharers of these way cute patterns and ideas.

Wrap around bootie front view

The Wrap Around Bootie was fun to make. It came together quickly and the instructions were not overly difficult to follow.  I consider myself an intermediate crocheter, fyi.  Thanks to “I’m Topsy Turvy” ( for creating AND sharing the pattern.

Dress Up Bootie


It was fun picking a cute button for the Dress Up Bootie.  I’d like to make more of these with other cute buttons and in larger sizes as Lil Princess grows.  This was a Red Heart pattern designed by Nancy J. Thomas. Get yours here.

As Gramma, one of my official duties is that of bootie making . . . giggles. These are the first pair of crochet booties I have made in a heapa bunch of years. Get your free pattern here Dress Up Booties. The sizing is newborn to three months. They may not fit for very long but since they were easey peasey to make our lil princess will have a heapa bunch of them. Well, maybe not THIS pattern, but she’ll have goo gobs because the styles are endless. Why, I even spied some Converse booties; oh yeah!

Dress_up_Bootie_side_viewew Actually, I am looking forward to making more with pretty colors and finding way cute buttons to fasten them with. I chose a pretty red, heart button for this pair. For some reason I have been wanting to stay away from pink, pink, pink, and use other striking colors for her clothing. I was pleased to see a plethora of free baby patterns online to choose from. My fingers are moving fast as they can as she is due to arrive in June. Yeah, I am behind oh so far. Shh, don’t tell my DD. Gotta run, I’m in search of lavender and pink camouflage yarn.

Happy Girl Booties


I’ve been calling the Happy Girl Booties her “Lumberjack Booties”.  I used Caron Simply Soft yarn and now I think it is thicker than the original pattern called for . . .yikes!   Gotta go and finish the mate.  Er ah, it’s not like there’s a rush, she can’t wear ‘em ’til she’s about 10.  Get your copy of this pattern at


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