Granville Shirt

Granville Shirt
By JStarr

THIS version hooked me on the Granville.   JStarr rocked the heck out of the Granville.  Click on her photo above to check out her commentary over at Pattern Review.  The press on this baby is off the chain and it has only been released a bit more than a week.  Honestly, I was not in the market for a shirt.  As a matter of fact most times of the year it is hot as hades here and I shy away from long-sleeved garments.  But this linen version has me swooning.  A bamboo  Granville would be nice too.


This pattern has gotten me sew excited that I am considering getting the pdf so I do not have to wait for it’s arrival, LOL.  I hate taping those things together but I love the sturdiness of the copy paper that I use for the pattern pieces.  As a busty girl I think I will forgo the double pockets on the front.  I could see doing one pocket on a shirt or two but having both girls covered is overkill.


Miss Sophie-Lee got busy making her Granville.  I believe she completed her’s within a week of its debut.  She has featured snaps on her linen Granville and she looks superb in it. Look at how nicely the Granville fits across her waist and hips.  Now THAT was the ringer for me.  Yay, Ms. Sophie-Lee!

Photo: Courtesy of Sophie-Lee at Two Random Words

Everyone knows Tasia designs for the pear-shaped woman which is not me.  However, I am sure I saw a FBA tutorial somewhere online and I am confident I can make this work.  Now to find it.  As a matter of fact, I think this feminine shirt will make my curves cuter than normal (I am slaying myself here).


But wait, there’s more – here is a FBA for THIS shirt.

Since this is my next pattern obsession I decided to scour the ‘Net to find other people’s make on it.  Looks as if it’s a tad too new to have many projects out there.  Here’s one that caught my fancy:  Sew Knit Quilt’s version.  Now, to purchase my own pdf and search the stash to see if I have anything that qualifies as a wearable muslin.

I’ve been thinking of an outfit to wear on an international flight and the Granville is coming to mind.  I hope to find cute fabric for it though.  Then, of course, there will be the “what do I wear with it” question.




2 thoughts on “Granville Shirt

  1. Lyric, Really like this pattern. I can’t wait to see yours. I am trying to avoid buying patterns [I am over flowing with patterns I have never used ha.. ]I am a fabric hoarder for
    Happy sewing.


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