Robson Coat Sew-A-Long


My latest obsession is making a Robson coat by Sewaholic.  I wrote about it some weeks back but feel the sew-a-long with Rhonda Buss deserves it’s own place on my blog.  If you are a fast sewer you may still join in to complete it by month’s end.  After all, you’ve got six days and now all the instructions are up to help you along the way.  It is not overly difficult but it does have a lot of pattern pieces.




Jill, of Sew News Blog, has been very helpful in completing this coat.  She stated that the pockets were the most difficult part of the pattern and thanks to Rhonda’s videos and Jill’s take on things I found the pockets a breeze to whip up.


The pattern is originally made sans lining.  Thankfully I stumbled upon Seamstress Erin’s blog that shows how to interline the Robson.  Yay!  Of course, I did not follow the directions to a tee for underlining.  Sometimes I wish I had Internet access while I am working on projects versus the way I have been going about it.  It seems things did not compute relative to binding certain edges for you see I have two styles of binding my interlining.  Thankfully the seam where you see the white above (edges bound separately) is the back and thus will be centered.  All the other seams will be bound doubly as per the original pattern instructions.  When I take final photos wearing the coat that seam will be hidden.  If I had a dressform I would do a total inside out photo.

Robson Neck Facing


Here are more links about underlining the Robson.

Robson Coat With Underlining
Curious Kiwi Underlines Her Robson

The addition of a dressform to my sewing trailer (ahem, sewing studio, that is) would be a welcome addition.  I continue to hope.  Even if only for garment photo shoots.

One of these days I am going to read up on how to ALWAYS get top stitching accurate and even.  Here I have completed one side of the back to side seams including the top stitching.  I am working on a vintage early 20th century sewing machine and there is no stitch variation.  Imagine red thread instead of the black for the top stitching?


Something wonderful happened to me today.  My cyber sewist girlfriend is sharing these cute buttons for my Robson coat.

red-robson-buttons-from-angela-w.jpgI have got to tell you about these way cute buttons.  Well, first of all Angela was an original tester for the Robson Coat!  How cool is that!  Me – participating in the same sew-a-long as Angela (Sew Retro Rose’s Swirl Dress SAL).  Now get this . . . . these buttons were originally destined for her Robson Coat.  And now they are actually going to be joined to one. YAY!!!  You see, red is my favorite color AND getting this gift from Angela along with bias trim from Holland – well, let’s just say it is blowing my mind in a good way.

Robson Shoulder EpauletteI am really enjoying the construction of my Robson coat.

Robson Sleeve TabProject Stats:

Twill fabric – eBay – $1.99/yd x 5 yards

Strawberry Bias Trim – Gifted from my sewist girl, Irene, The Nederlands

Cherry Buttons – Gifted from my sewist girl, Angela, Vancouver

Interlining fabric – Thrifted @ under $12.00

The SAL leader mentioned the pockets being a bit fussy but I found them a breeze.  The part that gave me fits was the collar and shoulder flap.  For some reason when pinning the collar it was larger than the neck area.  I re-cut another piece thinking perhaps I did not cut out the proper size of the multi-sized pattern piece.  That wasn’t it though the second piece did fit better.  The two layered collar, plus the shoulder flaps made for a very thick neck area and yes I basted the pieces before final sewing.   I’m still not sure exactly where I went wrong.


Also, the sleeves gave me a challenge.  Read all about that here.  Thankfully it all came out right in the end and yes, resoundingly, I would recommend this pattern to others and I would make another Robson coat in a heartbeat.





P.S.  I stumbled upon a blogger acquaintance’s site and found good information about trench coats.  Check it out here.

Sobriety from electronic sewing since 2012

31 thoughts on “Robson Coat Sew-A-Long

    1. Awww thank you for saying so. This afternoon I was working to get the sleeves set in. My gathering stitches are not allowing themselves to gather :-(. The stitch length regulator is not what I am used to on my vintage machine. They do get larger, but not enough to me. Sew, I am going to hand baste and hope I get them small enough to do the job, but large enough to gather. Fingers crossed, I go back at it tomorrow. After putting the sleeves in all I have to do is add the belt loops, buttonholes and buttons and DONE!



      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Bea,

      I’ll have to let you know when I wear it. I simply put it on to model and get pics for my blog. It is 70 degrees Farenheit or more in the shade here. LOL




  1. Trish

    What a super coat. It looks great on. You are so clever.

    Sewing without the Internet has some pluses as well as minuses. I bet you get more actually done. I spend too long looking at things on Pinterest.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Trish,

      Thank you for the comp. Yes, no home Internet has plusses but as an avid reader and learner it would be nice to have it available as I am trying new techniques; i.e., when I first did a FBA, LOL. Therefore, I copy and paste into a Word doc and pull it up on my computer screen when needed. 😉




  2. I love your coat. It looks fabulous. I was wondering what this pattern would look like with a patterned fabric – and it looks fabulous. I am just about ready to start cutting my pink denim one out now (but the next one after that will be in a pattern for sure). Your coat is a show stopper. Nice work

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Nothy,

      I am ooohing and aahhing at the vision in my mind of your upcoming Robson. How cool! Pink denim, I can’t wait to see it when you’re done. I’m going to get out of here and check out your blog too. Now I am fiending for the Minoru jacket. Have you tackled that yet? What do you think of it? Please, keep in touch, follow me via Bloglovin’ and let me know what you think.




      1. Nothy

        I have the Minuro but haven’t got around to it yet – I even have fabric for it too. Right now I am really inspired – by your fabulous Robson – to make two Robsons, one pink and the other a black and red polka dot one.. I will cut them out this weekend but likely won’t get around to sewing them for another week or two.


  3. The fabric of this coat was an eBay purchase from “sewnknitnkit” [excellent fabric deals I might add in case you want to look her up over there]. Here is a comment she made after seeing my Robson:

    “Dear lyriclocks,

    May I add the picture to my listing? It is FABULOUS as are you! Thanks, Kit

    – sewnknitnkit”

    This made my day and I just had to share with you lovelies.




    1. Thank you, thank you, GirlieFrank! 🙂 OH, and you are quite welcome. You have been oh so supportive in this project and helped make it a success. Now, on to the Minoru. The fabric should arrive today.




  4. Just had to share my girls’ comments from the Make A Garment A Month group on Facebook:

    Sarah Liz Fantastic coat Lyric – the black and white fabric was the right choice and I love the pop of colour with the buttons.
    January 14 at 12:17am

    Dawn Holloway Amazing coat Lyric. Love the fabric choice :)x

    Lisa Watson Spivey Love everything about your gorgeous coat! Striking fabric and those buttons = perfect!

    Judy Roberson Love your happy that you never gave up..

    Mary Carroll Marvelous coat-just fantastic

    Love Nicky Stunning coat! Looks like a high end designer garment.

    Lyric Smith: WOWsers, thank you, ladies!


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