Ladies Afternoon Tea

tea_party Ladies Afternoon Tea is calling me.  This is the first time I have been invited to a tea party.  Suffice it to say I am thrilled.  The invite could not have come at a better time as I am in the process of reading Elegant Woman blog and I am sure to benefit from a nifty idea or two. When RSVPing I found there is no dress code and the mood will tend toward the casual.  I did inform my hostess that I would indeed be wearing a dress and that her invitation gave me yet another excuse to sew a nice frock to celebrate the occasion.  Between us girls I was looking forward to donning a pair of cute gloves.

Pride Mag - Gossip Girls; Photographer:  Joseph Sinclair
Pride Mag – Gossip Girls; Photographer: Joseph Sinclair

Thinking about what I will wear seems almost as fun as attending the event.  A second swirl dress is the chosen frock that I made with bed sheet fabric as the skirt portion with a pieced fiping bodice.  Talk about good stash busting.  I didn’t realize the bodice fabric was in small pieces.  Thankfully I got the idea to join them asymmetrically with fake piping (fiping) to create fabric yardage.

Stay tuned for photos of the Ladies Afternoon Tea event next week.

ETA the next week:  A small rant!


I was so excited about this event and could not wait to wear my second swirlishous dress.  Well, I asked my friend to take a photo of me with my swirl dress, shoes and matching bag and THIS is what came out!!!  Excuse me.  I promise you I do not look this unattractive IRL (or do I?). First of all she was initially standing a football field away and I asked her to come closer; I did not want to look like an ant. I’ve asked this gal to take photos of me another day, this would be the second time and the experience is driving home two points: 1) People get sick of you asking them to photograph you. I’ve already burned out one daughter; and 2) SOME people really have no concept of photographic composition.  I had hoped explaining that I blog would be sufficient explanation for why I need at the very least decent photographs.  This is getting frustrating for me and I must figure this out and early in 2015, mind you.


Finally, I get to carry this thrifted vintage bag.  I am sure it was stuffed with way more than the original woman would have carried. LOL

Our hostess has a beautiful tea set.


This was handed down to her from her mother, who got it from her mother, who got it from her mother.  It is beautiful, a soft grey with silver rimming.

Tea Time

I went ahead and put this less than flattering photo in for two reasons:  1)  I had a lovely time at my first Ladies Afternoon Tea; and 2)  I promised to show the good, the bad, and the ugly on my blog.  Again, the photographer gave me no heads up about my hair.  I could have thrown some water on it and fluffed it up or SOMEthing.  If I recall my posture was on point therefore I need to revisit the need for proper foundation wear.  I will be talking about corsets in the days ahead.



6 thoughts on “Ladies Afternoon Tea

  1. misssusiem

    The bodice portion of my second swirl is also made of bed sheets. I’m doing the origami picket for it. Have fun at the tea. I’ve been to a few. My 25th birthday was a fairytale tea party. I also had an entire ice rink for only us and they decorated the room in pink for us top with big pink bows on the back of each chair. I put dolls dressed up in cute outfits in the center of each table. We had a variety of tea and pink cupcakes and tons of finger foods. I went to the local tea room last year. Its so quaint. I’ve also hosted teas and been to private ones.


    1. Hiya Judy:

      Yes, my first tea! You know I have not even tried my second swirly on (for shame). You know me, I will take pics and post a.s.a.p. afterward.

      For now I am pumped because I finally purchased the Minoru pattern (by Sewaholic too). I got a pdf because I am impatient, ay yi yi. I kinda don’t like them, but it’s worth it to go ahead and get started. Yay Minoru!!!!




  2. Juanita

    Your hair is just fine. I do like it a bit shorter but you have nothing to complain about. Love your outfit. You are turning into a great seamstress.


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