Baby’s First Rag Quilt



I’m putting together the fabrics for my upcoming grandbaby’s first rag quilt.  Choosing fabrics was more difficult than I had imagined.  I am working within a budget which added to my angst.  Plus I was determined to NOT make a pink quilt for now.  No, no, no.  There are myriad of other colors in the spectrum.  This ladybug design is just sew cute.  It’s only a fat quarter but I had to get it.  The rest of the quilt is being designed around this ladybug fat quarter.

Pieces coming together!

This pretty purple cotton flannel will be used in the place of batting.   I read that somewhere; or no, it was suggested to me over at Missouri Start Quilt Forum.   It will look pretty in the seams peeking out all fuzzy.

Inner lining of quilt


Thanks to Creations by Kara for providing the Baby Rag Quilt Tutorial that I used to make my grand baby’s first quilt.

Now that I have completed the quilt my woulda-coulda-shouldas:

  • A deeper purple would have been nice. This one was muted which I didn’t determine from looking at it on my computer screen before purchase.
  • I underestimated the size. It looked so nice and big when laid out on the table. Duh, I didn’t consider the seams! Sew, I had to purchase additional fabric to make the quilt a decent size.
  • I MUST get a better35mm camera for blogging. It’s official, the one I have won’t do. I will actively work to get a better photograph of this quilt up on my blog. It really is cute. Think I’ll add some close-ups too.


Ms. Kara states to wash the quilt and dry it in a hot dryer twice.  I am thinking it has to do with the strings and things that I’ve been pulling off the quilt, LOL.  I’ve only done so once in the photograph above.   I’ll be sure to wash and dry it again before sending if off to my daughter.

Baby Rag Quilt Rear View

I’m not going to point out the myriad of other things I see.  Still, it was my first quilting project ever and I know Baby Grandbaby won’t care.  This quilt was fashioned last spring before her June arrival.  I am just now getting around to pulling quilting and crochet articles from this blog’s predecessor “Sew Cro and Quilt” to here.  Thanks for looking.







4 thoughts on “Baby’s First Rag Quilt

    1. Thank you, OddlyEnded. She is so way cute (and trust me I don’t say that about babies; not the gushy type). Can’t wait to see her again and get pics. Perhaps of her in some things I have made. Er ah, guess I’d better get busy making her something, LOL.



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