Crochet Baby Sweater Set


This darling crochet baby sweater set has Gramma’s Baby written all over it.  I just had to try it.  As usual I read the pattern and worked it out in my mind before beginning.  It is an average skill level pattern but I had trouble at about round 17 or so of the sweater.  The multiple size pattern is what’s giving me fits.  I that different sizes are within the brackets; however, the way this pattern has been written the rows are confusing as they pertain to the additional sizes.  I figured “Go ahead, get started, perhaps looking at things the second time around will help with understanding as I will be actually looking at the work”.  Baby girl won’t be here for another 8 to 10 weeks so I have a wee bit of time to work it out.

Bring Me Home LayetteBring Me Home Layette
“Bring Me Home” Layette designed by Carol Smith

Yarns of choice for this project:

  • Lion Brand Yarn, Baby Soft, #100 White
  • Red Heart, Baby Sport Pompadour, 6 oz., 1982 Rainbow Sherbet


Red Heart Baby Econo Yarn #1982 Rainbow Sherbet Multi I have always enjoyed variegated yarns. This one is yummy as it’s name: Rainbow Sherbet.


Too bad I do not have a photo of the lil schnookums sporting her outfit.  Trust, she was very cute in it!  🙂  Baby girl was also adorable in her bear hat.  She outgrew that newborn hat very quickly.  I have really got to crochet more goodies for her.



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