2015: A New Beginning


Truly I had no intention of writing today but the possibilities of a new year are simply wonderful.  I thought all was said the other day during my 2014 Reflections.  However, a clean slate, the ability to write our lives however we choose, is a good thing.  Not to mention it is so enjoyable spending time with you sharing thoughts, goals, projects, whatever we choose.

Years ago I stopped making New Year resolutions. They just seem to set one up for failure in a sense.  I have read that it is good to put thoughts and goals down in writing as it makes one accountable.  Perhaps it is a matter of semantics for I am always making lists of one thing or another.  I even have a blog list – 2015 Wish List that I thought would be cool to share.  These are some of the projects I would like to bring to reality this year.

As for the creative side of my life the quest for better sewing is at the top of the list.  Completion of the Online Couture Dress Class will help along those lines.

It just occurred to me that knowing what we do not want is important too.  When I first started writing this journal I was enamored with Regency wear.  While I still like it I am probably not going to be pressed about sewing Regency dresses in favor in the saucy, sexy 1930s through 1950s vintage style wear.  Since I am doing this for day-to-day wear versus “costume” this garment genre will fit my lifestyle more closely.

Most days I am “gleefully unemployed” then when I think of the sewing fabrics and supplies that I covet (your girl needs a dressform, French would be nice) I think “Get a job, girl”, LOL.  I am not making any promises about seeking a job or not for it just fluctuates.  Living in the country doesn’t help the situation either.  Really, a part-time, no more than 15-20 hours a week job would do me fine.  That’s enough to support my ministry AND my sewing jones.  If you know of something I can possibly do online or telecommuting, please give your sewing sister a holler.  Fabric ain’t cheap!  🙂

Better blog photography is definitely in order.  I had a wonderful Canon Rebel.  I tell you that baby took great photographs all on its own.  It practically found the subjects, set them up in pose, and shoot!  The last I recall of it I was taking it to get some shots and it disappeared.  I checked the auto floor like a madwoman to no avail.  It was replaced with a Kodak digital auto focus camera.  Try as I might to be grateful, deep down I am not.  Of course it is better than nothing, but it is oh so close to NO thing especially when compared to my lost baby.  To compensate in  2015 I will strive to find more interesting settings at the very least like Lake Clinch or other about town sites that I have in mind.

lake clinch2
Lake Clinch

Accessories . . . from watching you sewists do your thing I simply must up my accessory game.  Shoes, us vintagey gals can not have too many shoes.  Check these out . . . to die for!



1944 Platform Sandal


Daddy O Sunglasses


Oh, and I suppose I should jump on the bandwagon and get at least a couple Bakelite bangles, right?


Well, we’ll see about that, LOL.

Have a great January 1st my dear sewists and an even better 2015.




3 thoughts on “2015: A New Beginning

  1. What fun ideas you have.. Love the bakelite braclett .. so cute. yes my sister, fabrics are so expensive..I am thrilled when I find thrift store fabric or sheets..And I raid the bins at wal mart and Hancocks for the discounted.ha How fun when we find it..ha


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