2014 Reflections


After reading another blogger I decided an end-of-the-year reflection would be cathartic.  What can I say about 2014?  Well, for one thing it has gone by oh so fast.  Each year that I live seems to do that.

One of the goals that I set for myself was that of taking my sewing to another level, the next level.  That journey is ongoing and I am pleased that progress has been made.  Learning from great sewists like yourselves is helping me stretch my sewing legs and to continue to strive for excellence by not being satisfied with “good enough”.


I promised to share the good, bad, and ugly on my blog believing mistakes are really opportunities disguised to fool us.  I choose to the half-full philosophy versus that of the glass being half-empty.  Having discovered Jane Austen not too long ago I fell in love with Regency dresses.  Well, last summer I had an idea to hand sew a Regency Day dress out of bed sheet fabric because I was away from home and my dear Tabitha was not available.

Back View

This was hand sewn while awaiting the birth of my latest grannie.  It is so ugly that I left it in the northern state where it was made.  While I still love the idea of Regency wear I am not as likely to make a Regency frock for myself.  Guess I’m too busy with 1930s-1950s vintage style garments.  Perhaps I may consider wearing a Regency day dress while at the homestead relaxing or working out on the land.  Initially I thought I was going to make a slew of them to wear out and about . . . now, not so much.

Sk8t Past This

But hey, learning about what looks best on my frame is also the order of the day.  My daughter and I were discussing this frock and she commented that it is not that the dress is so bad but it was the choice of fabric.  It was left residing in the back of her hallway closet.


Though I have a ways to go with improving my sewing skills I am pleased with some of my Lyrically vintagey styled pieces this year.  Okay, they are not all “vintagey” but that is the main goal of my sewing.  If you click the photos you will be taken to the original posts.

Button Embellished Skirt
1940s Girl Friday Blouse

New techniques that I have tried include bound buttonholes and the hand picked zipper.  It is interesting how doing a thing removes anxiety.  Oh, and I tackled the infamous full bust adjustment.    One highlight of my sewing year is the Craftsy Couture Dress online course that I am currently taking.  Stay tuned for a detailed blog post about it but for now I am still working my way through to completion.  I highly recommend this Online Couture Dress Class if you want to take your sewing to the next level.  I am learning that couture sewing takes time but the results are oh so worth it.


As a semi-newly married person (3 years and counting) striving for balance and excellence in my marriage and spiritual life take front seat and full precedence in my life.  Keeping a positive mental attitude and allowing it to permeate my psyche is the order of the day.  I subscribe somewhat to the concept of you are what you speak, think positive/be positive, you are what you think.

Thankfully the road to better sewing is an unending journey.  I am blessed to be in the company of nice sewists like you who cheer me on.  The community of sewists on the Internet is phenomenal and they are truly a helpful, positive collective.  As a subscriber to “Pay It Forward” I hope to share what I learn with others coming along online and IRL.


Sew, may you all experience the happiness that you seek in 2015.  “Nothing is impossible.  The word itself says ‘I’m possible’!




6 thoughts on “2014 Reflections

  1. Lyric,
    what lovely things you have made.. Pray that you have many more beautiful sewing
    sessions throughout 2015..Have fun , and enjoy your self. I am so happy that I found your blog, I totally enjoy it.. And so happy I found the dress pattern, and was able to buy it.thank you so much for posting about it.
    My prayer for you and family , is a blessed and happy New Year.


  2. What a pity the regency dress didn’t work out. It looks good laid out like that. Why didn’t it work out? I read the original post on it but never quite grasped what wasn’t ok with it.

    Love the skirt with the embellishments, and that girl friday blouse is very striking and I can imagine it would look fab on you 🙂


    1. Hello Imogheena,

      Honey, that Regency frock was simply butt ugly. I selected bed sheet fabric from my stash figuring it would be okay for round the farm, work wear, but yuk. I simply did not like the look of it. The fabric was too heavy too (who knew)? I would have been hot as all get out in that get up in this semi-tropical weather. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. 🙂




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