What a Real Woman Looks Like: A Reblog

This is a reblogged article from Brittany of Va-Voom Vintage.  A commenter’s thoughts were one of the first things I saw this morning as I checked email.  I visited this post over a year ago (I know because I see my own comment there, giggles).  The positivity of the message speaks to me as I am sure it will you.
Image credit: whirlygigagogo

I started this blog for “curvy” girls like me who have a hard time dressing their body types. Over the past few years, I have been an advocate for loving your body and embracing your curves. I love the look of a curvy shape and I’ve been a defender of the plus size gal for ages.For a while now, I’ve seen these “when did this become hotter than this” posts all over the internet and it bothers me. Although I have stood up for the big booty, seeing the slender gal getting picked on just isn’t right! Skinny women are sexy too.  The “real women have curves” motto is just as damaging as the idea that women have to be thin to be beautiful. Butt fat is not a measure of beauty or womanhood! Isn’t it hard enough being a girl in the world without our sisters judging our waist size?

Some women were born to be curvy and others were born to be thin. Some of us have medical problems that impact our size and some have had surgery to reduce size or excess skin after weight loss. Some skinny gals wear padded bras while some curvy ones wear waist cinchers. Do any of those factors make that woman less “real” than the next?

Let’s all join together as sisters and embrace true beauty and womanhood in all of its shapes and sizes. While the ideal of female beauty has changed over time, the fact is, you are all beautiful, real women. Spread the love today and send a compliment to a fellow sister just to let her know that she is lovely too!

That is exactly what I am doing by sharing this blog post with all of YOU lovely ladies.


3 thoughts on “What a Real Woman Looks Like: A Reblog

  1. misssusiem

    Well, here is what I think:

    1) Beauty is universal. I believe that beauty ultimately comes from the Divine. It’s the part in each of us that is the Creator. It’s the part in each of us that connects us to the Source. That Source is the Source of true beauty. I do not believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder. After all, aren’t we all created in the likeness of our Creator? Don’t we all have a Spirit……a part of the Holy Spirit, which is a part of the Divine? Now, saying something is pretty can be in the eye of the beholder…..but not beauty. Pretty is an opinion. True beauty can not be. We are all beautiful no matter what!

    2) Now, what the first image is referring to is beauty. If the point I made in number 1 is true, then all those women are beautiful. But, that image is also showing us what is fashionable. When did skinny become more fashionable than curvy? Well, I have two interpretations of this

    A) Curvy was once considered most fashionable when food was more scarce. It seems the wealthy was able to obtain the most food while the poor had less. While, today (and it seems we moved towards this in the late 50s and it progressed through the 60s and 70s) food is more available and cheap. While, one can eat healthy on a minimal budget. I think those with little money often have to eat on the run (this seems to have started towards the 80s). In most cases, they don’t have time to prepare good meals. So, since being skinny is something a person with time to prepare better meals and to spend on theirselves…….and money to spare on the gym and various treatments, skinny became fashionable.

    B) I think being skinny became ultra fashionable in the 60s with Twiggy popping up as the ultimate fashion model. With mini skirts becoming the thing, baby doll accents, and a-line dresses and go-go boots…….those who were skinny with long limbs looked the best. This caught on influencing fashion.


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