Gingham Firsts

I can see this in sew many projects for me and my granny.


Gingham Folded Fabrics

If you are like me you know that gingham fabric is a checkerboard pattern of white along with one other color. Well, that was it for me . . .  until now. Check out the articles that I stumbled upon about Gingham and here.  Talk about a wealth of information.

And I thought gingham in only white and one color!

What a pleasant surprise to see gingham coupled in a plaid pattern versus only one color along with white.  Now I am wondering what other combinations are available?

Gingham Brown and Yellow
Brown and yellow gingham; interesting!



Some time over the last couple of years I began a love affair with gingham fabric.  I’ve always loved vintage clothing and decor but the gingham specific bug somehow slipped up on me all quiet-like.

One technique I will definitely try is gingham on the bias.  Waist area, border, who knows?

Gingham Dress on Bias

How sassy!

McCalls 6696 finally found its way into my pattern stash.  To top things off on a recent thrift store excursion I found a king sized bed sheet with the look of chambray.  Can you say shirtwaist with light blue gingham under collar, facing and pockets perhaps?  Stay tuned for that Lyrically vintage styled creation.

Ms. Kelly Gingham Coat

The thing about it though is that I am a fairly large, ahem “mature” woman.  There are no fashionable, or wait, I’ll say I have not seen, fashionable images of mature, Black, large women in gingham.  Looks like I am going to have to redress the deficit.  Stay tuned ’cause you all know I will.






Sobriety from electronic sewing machines since 2012


10 thoughts on “Gingham Firsts

  1. I love gingham checks.. This was a great blog post.. I didn’t know that gingham could be multi color checks too…Learn some thing every day.ha
    I think the chambray sheet with the check facings/collars ,etc will be a gorgeous shirt waist for you..[congrats on finding that sheet.. ].. I cant wait to see it.
    Sometimes, I tell myself..”you are too old , too fat, etc to wear such and such fabric” then , I
    say,,” I can wear whatever I make,ha”
    Have fun..


    1. Hello there, Judy!

      I should have photographed that sheet! Well, I’ll try to remember before I cut it probably early next year. I’m working on a trench coat (Sewaholic’s Robson Coat) right now. Just cut into it yesterday.




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