To Be A Lady


Change, metamorphosis, growth, aging, all of them.  I”m feeling “some kind of way” lately.  Okay, dear readers, I am going to keep it all the way real. I am feeling anxious, frustrated, happy, unsure, excited, the full gamut of human emotions, unemployable, all around unattractive, dissatisfied at times.  I concern myself with what others think of me (to a point).  I want to be a useful human being, one that is selfless, helpful, showing fellow feeling on a consistent basis.  Ahhh, the balance involved in such a goal.

The project of transforming my wardrobe may have just been the beginning of the personal change I am seeking.  The concept has been in my mind all along I do believe.  Recently I read an article by Delightful Divinity that spurred me on, touched my soul.  I am choosing to be a lady.



It is interesting that the information I am reading relative to ladyhood is not new.  Much of it I learned from those that have gone before me; i.e., my mother, aunties,  good friends, and even religious education-my walk with Jehovah God.  The reminders, at least for me, are oh so needed and it’s funny how you can learn something in one forum, hear it in yet another and it then strikes a cord.  Perhaps it is what one is going through at the time that was not happening when the information was originally presented.  Being in a different frame of mind can make one see things in a new light.  That is where I think I am in working toward becoming the lady that I want to be.


One reward, if you will, that has me thrilled is the change that will come in the way people treat me as the result of my treating them with heightened respect, graciousness, and fellow feeling.   The World of A Lady outlines nine worthy benefits of choosing to be a lady including:

  • Everyone speaks kindly and gently to you as you would to them.
  • The more you act like a lady, the more you bring out the gentlemanly side of the boys and men in your life.
  • Being a lady is about being kind. It is also about choosing to believe the best in others and yourself.

She goes on to list misconceptions of being a lady too.  ” It is in human nature to prefer beauty over vulgarity. ”  I like that quote.  How basic and common sense it is, right?  Thanks to Miss Susie of Delightfully Divine, Elegant Woman will be one of the staple sites (along with the Holy Scriptures) for consultation in my transformation.

Years ago I read a book, Fascinating Womanhood, by Helen Andelin and I will revisit that publication.  I am glad that I did not discard or give it away.  Much of the topic of choosing to be a lady is discussed in detail in Mrs. Andelin’s book.  Though written in the 60’s the principles are timeless and I encourage you to read it with an open mind and willing heart.  I strongly urge you – get your own copy so you can write in it, take notes, highlight in pretty colors.

As always I solicit your response to this topic.  There is knowledge in community and camaraderie is a good thing when a person is seeking personal growth as friends can look objectively and offer constructive, kind advice.

The Holy Bible at Proverbs 31 speaks volumes.  I could not have ended this post with a better summation.

Proverbs 31_woman




10 thoughts on “To Be A Lady

  1. misssusiem

    Hello dear,

    This comment:

    ” all around unattractive”

    about yourself makes me feel sad. Don’t ever say negative things about yourself. Since you read my blog, I know you’ve at least looked at my post on positivity as well. When we say negative things about ourselves, we begin to believe them. Try to say other positive things about yourself and highlight those instead. I think you have radiant gorgeous skin tone. You have beautifully white teeth which highlights your smile perfectly! You come off quite confident in photos and being a blogger and sewist, I know you are confident in real life too!

    “I want to be a useful human being”

    You are useful just the way you are. You provide us with so much! Its good that you want to improve. Keep going! But, you should love where you are now too! Having goals doesn’t mean you will be happy when you get there. The journey itself should be filled with joys! Just look at how far you’ve come!

    I also love the concept of the Proverbs 31 woman. As a Jewish woman, it speaks so much to me and I enjoy blogs and websites geared towards being a Proverbs 31 woman from a Christian perspective so much! I grew up Christian. I am not a full Jew though…just, mostly. I am open to many interpretations of the Holy.


  2. This should be interesting! I look forward to seeing how you integrate these concepts into your life. I have a positive reaction to the term Lady. I have a somewhat negative reaction to the sense of rigid dichotomy in some of the articles you highlighted above. For example, I think women of God should be tough and tender, coarse and kind, rude and refined, ambitious/driven and full of faith. I think a healthy dose of vanity is good for a person (but a pinch v. a pound). One of my favorite Oscar Wilde quotes is this one: “A true gentleman is one who is never unintentionally rude.” That being said, I do believe that this world seems to have tipped more towards the coarse and rude than seems right. It think seeking to be thoughtful and measured in our response to the world around us can help us figure out if toughness or tenderness, coarseness or kindness, rudeness or something more refined is the best course of action.


    1. Hello Poldapop:

      THANK YOU for your thoughtful response. As I was reading it I was thinking, “Yes, that makes sense; I get you.” This topic has been on my mind so much that I decided to blog about it (shockers, right?). As this blog is about my journey form modern to vintage-style/retro daily wardrobe I don’t think I want to go into that aspect of my life here at Sew Lyrically Vintage; therefore, drum roll . . . I started another blog I’m excited to see where the journey will take me. There is nothing like intelligent conversation with intelligent women and for that I thank you kindly for stopping by and letting your voice be heard.






  3. Mary Betsy

    I recently found your blog and am enjoying reading back through all of your posts so much! When I got to this one, I really wanted to give you a hug and tell you how awesome I think you are. You are so very lovely and your sense of style is amazing. I love the snippets of your off-the-grid lifestyle and I think it is so cool that you are thrifty and eco-conscious! Mostly though, your writing style makes me wish we could be friends IRL!


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