Two-Toned Swirl Dress

Two-Toned Swirl Dress

We are wrapping up the Swirl Dress Sew-A-Long, hosted by darling sewist, Beccie, of Sew Retro Rose.  Seeing all the ladies personal take on the basic Swirl dress is great.  Especially for a person like me with no imagination.  Piddling around in my sewing room I wound up straightening out my stash.  Read that, an excuse to handle and look at my small but growing stash.  Next thing I knew I was planning and cutting out another swirl dress!

A two-toned swirl dress is in order for Lyric and why not feature it in the December, 2014, Make A Garment A Month Challenge?  Yes, I believe I will.

magam button

Check out the one above.  Gorgeous!  I really should have taken some pics of the stash-busted fabric that I chose, but I was so into the process I just didn’t think of it.  I will tell you this it is being made partly from a repurposed bed sheet.  Yay!  I always get kind of excited when I’m able to use them.  Hey, a dress for under $3.00!  That’s something to get excited about.

Choosing just the right button

Another thing that I’m thrilled about for this project is that I found six pieces of a cotton blend fabric in my stash.  It was folded and I did not know that it was 45″ wide by approximately 12 or so inches.  Thus when I unfolded and saw that it was pieced I was bummed out.  Then it happened . . . I got an idea.  What would it look like if I joined the fabric panels with piping or even “fiping”.  That’s what I have decided to call fake piping.  I am sure there is a word for it because Rochelle, of Lucky Lucille told me about it.

Eenie, meanie, miney, moe

I cut 1″ strips of the bed sheet fabric (the part used for the skirt) and sewed them between sheets of the fabric to be used for the bodice and pressed the seams down.  Voila!  I had a sheet of fabric large enough to cut out the bodice front and back.  Having a thing for the asymetrical and diagonal shaping I laid out the fabric so that it would be diagonal versus horizontal, but in a random way.  My thoughts are that this strip of fabric will pull the outfit together.  Since I had portions of the strips left over I am going to trim the sleeve edges with it.  I just may also trim the edge of the bodice back with these strips too.

Two-Toned Swirl Back
Rear view


Two-Toned Swirl Sleeve
Sleeve view


Having promised to share the good bad and ugly I went ahead and posted close-ups of my swirl dress.  Another thing I need to learn is how to sew an even top-stitching line.  Hey, practice makes perfect and I’m up for more practicing.  Can anyone say, “More fabric, please?”  I am happy that I thought out of the box and made fabric” by means of the fiping.

My two-toned swirly girl will make her all starched up debut in January when I attend my first “Ladies Afternoon Tea Party”.  I am sew excited to have been invited.  Come back and visit and check out my swirl dress!  I will be sure to get a full length shot.

Two-toned Swirl Dress Eye Candy from the original Swirl Dress Sew-A-Long:

These sewing sisters are beau coup sew talented!  I was in the company of greatness with that sew-a-long.

Rachel Styled Two-Toned Swirl Dress
Janine Style Swirl Dress
Two-tone swirl tie
Jane’s Swirl



The Swirl Dress Sew-a-Long was a blast.  Here is my first swirl dress.   Trust me, this dress is addicting and oh so easy to make.  Stay tuned as I complete another Lyrically styled Swirl dress for the Make A Garment A Month Challenge.  There will be more from me and Tabitha, the hand crank sewing machine.




14 thoughts on “Two-Toned Swirl Dress

    1. Giggles, you may have been referring to the original two-toned swirl bodice that I had posted holding the spot until I had completed mine, LOL. I am working on precise sewing though and I am tickled that you stop by and visit. How cool is that? Have a wonderful 2015 and let’s keep in touch next year too.



      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my, hello Debbie:

      Sew glad you stopped by AND commented to let me know you were here. What fun, a 50’s circle skirt. Definitely 1/4 skirts are on my radar for day-to-day wear going forward. I have a couple of trips I will be sewing to go on and they are oh so comfy for wearing everyday in the ministry.

      Love your website.




  1. That bodice looks great !!! I follow this Sew Along (from a distance, for lack of time) so glad to have found you. I’ll look for the link my tags and I’ll send it to you soon. A kiss. By the way, do you speak Spanish?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HOla Senora Rosy,

      No, no habla espanol! Me gustaría poder hablar español. Ahora recuerde, el corpiño que viste en el inicio del post no es mío, LOL. La mía es la que es de un color blanco con una falda floreada más abajo en el puesto. Sí, el corpiño usé como la foto frente era un miembro de la coser-a-long y ella hizo un trabajo espléndido que me inspiró a hacer un corpiño de dos tonos también.

      Gracias for stopping by my little space on the web and commenting. You made my evening.




    1. Hello Sewing Sister Juliana:

      I too saw the correct name for my “fiping”, LOL, but could not for the life of me remember what and where it was when I was writing this post, LOL. I must remember “flat piping”. Thanks. 🙂




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