Rail Fence – A First Quilt

Decent Scrappy Rail Fence Quilt a la Purrfect Pasttimes

For personal inspiration I am going to put a decent photo of a rail fence quilt pattern at the head of this post.  If you click on the image you’ll be taken to the original designer’s webpage just making sure that I give props.  When I am done with mine, good, bad, or ugly I’ll replace it with whatever I come up with.

Scrap quilts caught my fancy because of my financial state at the moment.  The ones online are gorgeous (see above).  Well, my scrap stash ain’t playing together so well in my opinion.  Maybe it’s the way I’m putting them together on the other hand.

I am NO liking this!

My saving grace is that this IS my first quilt.  I think I’ll view it like a toile in my sewing.  Act like I’m playing at this to “get it right” for the “real thing”.

I’m running into issues with getting the squares to “fit”.  That probably means I did not cut them properly.  I am online now with my quilting buds at Missouri Star Quilt Forum seeking a fix.  They know everything there is to know about quilting.  Between my favorite librarian assistant (that’s where I was cutting out these blocks) and MSQF the day was saved.  I fixed the blocks I had already cut and am prepared to finish cutting my strips properly.

Update:  11-25-2014

My blocks are coming together!  I am starting to like them a bit better.


Maybe scrappy ain’t so bad.

Check out the quilted laptop sleeve I made earlier this year. Guess I was exercising my quilting legs to prepare for my first bed quilt. Stay tuned as my first rail fence quilt comes together!




9 thoughts on “Rail Fence – A First Quilt

  1. I’ve been thinking about doing a quilt like this with all of my scraps. I think I like this look better than just squares… we’ll see what happens! Quilting can take forever and be so tedius! Just make sure you sew down that batting well… I forgot to on a quick baby panel quilt, I washed it and the batting went everywhere inside – duh LOL..


    1. Oh my, Amy, LOL!

      I am going to hand tye this quilt. I think that will do well for this style and that it is my first quilt. The next one I will try hand quilting. Then perhaps the one after that machine quilting then I will be in a position to compare which technique I like the best.




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