Thrift Store Stash Building

Vintage Sewing Finds
Do you ever get the feeling “I need to go to the thrift store?”  Then, when you do there is a treasure trove of good findings.   I think I’ll call it “Thrift Store Stash Building“.  That’s what happened to me recently.  When these thoughts come up they simply are not to be ignored.  This particular day I did not have any specific item in mind.  Well, perhaps except fabric.  But you know there is always a need for fabric.

Rayon Flowered Print
I am hoping to get a better photograph of this beauty.  It feels like a rayon to me and it is obviously a vintage textile.  Check out the tag.  It’s very narrow too I am thinking 36”, but I will have to verify that.  It looks pink in the picture but it is peach and that goes well with my skin tone.  This fabric does not have a sheen to it but it does have a silky feel.  Not like peachskin, but like a poly.  The small flowers are feminine and I can’t wait to see what will become of it.

Green Vintage Buckle and Button

Many vintage frocks and skirts have self-fabric belts.  So when I saw buckles I grabbed them up.  This green one reminds me of semi-precious stones.  Perhaps I’ll make a pair of matching earrings from my bead stash.

The buttons here are silver and they clank like a light-weight metal.  Looking at the price and the card backing they are surely vintage buttons.  The white buckle will be easy to find a complement.

Buckle and Silver Buttons
When I left the store there was a big ole grin on my face.  The haul for the day included:
⦁    Rotary cutting mat
⦁    Ruler
⦁    Vintage rayon fabric
⦁    Grey polyester fabric (to possibly line my upcoming Robson coat)
⦁    White poly type fabric (also a coat lining possibility)
⦁    Two belt buckles
⦁    Two different button styles  (at least one definitely vintage)
⦁    A beautiful green, black, and gold button
⦁    7 spools of thread
⦁    A package of gold, black, and white trim
⦁    5 zippers
⦁    1 pair of red vintage sunglasses

Oh and about those sunglasses.  I recently found a website where they may be purchased for around $12.99 or so.  And look!  I found these basically or free.  These are going to go swell with upcoming photo shoots of my Lyrically styled vintage outfits.  How cool is that?  Oh, and guess what this shopping spree amounted to.  $8.00 and some change.  I was a happy camper.

Check out my first vintage sewing supply blessing.





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8 thoughts on “Thrift Store Stash Building

  1. Nice haul! I loooove when I go to the thrift store and leave with awesome stuff. I went in yesterday and got 30 yards of white cotton for only $7 CAN. I can’t believe it! 🙂 I love the floral fabric you picked up! How lucky to find a cutting mat! 🙂


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