Swirl Dress Eye Candy

Fruit Swirl Dress
1950s swirl via Pinterest via Etsy

Having joined in the fun over at Beccie’s Swirl Sew-a-long I now have yet another favorite sewing “thing”.  Swirl dresses.  Just the excuse I needed to share some swirl dress eye candy.  Thanks to the marvels of Google I have been surfing all over looking for Swirl dresses.


Scallops are simply the “it” for me lately.  What a challenge to figure out how to make this Scalloped Swirl dress.  Hey, that’s what muslin is for.   My Swirlicious friends say it’s no biggie, bwaaahhh. Unless, of course, I am somehow able to secure that vintage pattern AND in my size.  Yah, right!

This is the dress we are making for the Swirl Sew-A-Long

Is there even one Advance pattern that I do not like?  I wish Advance and Marian Martin would resurface today.


What a clever, cute detail on this swirl dress.

misses' back-wrap dress.
Check out the shoulder detail.


Remember the Butterick 6015 Walk-a-Way dress that everyone speaks so badly about?  Here’s the vintage style walk-a-way.

Anne Adams 4839

“walk into it… button once… wrap and tie . . .” says an advertisement for the Swirl Dress I found at The Vintage Traveler.  Easy, cute, clever, and oh so comfy.

MO 9088

In their heyday Swirl Dresses were $9.00 and this afternoon I saw a vintage one for $80.00.  Thank goodness I know how to sew.  The Swirl Dress was a “house dress” back in the day.  From the looks of the one I am making she will be out and about on the town or wherever I choose to take her and all the others that will be coming from me and Tabitha in the days to come. Not only are these dresses comfy they are oh so easy to make.


Vogue 9197
Vogue 9197

Wrap-a-round Dress

Look, I’m in the Swirl zone so let me know if you see any other Swirlies out there.  I’m going to continue compiling photos of these cuties.



9 thoughts on “Swirl Dress Eye Candy

    1. I know, right! THAT’S why seriously we need to get into pattern drafting. Particularly when it comes to the skirt portion more often than not they are the same or very similar. I’ve noticed that.


    1. Aren’t they? I wish I could get my hand on a couple. But, chile, my budget (can you say “ain’t none”) won’t allow. This is why my head is turning toward learning how to draft patterns for myself. The scalloped one I am reaaaaaly fiending for. Ladies at the Swirl Sew-A-Long say it’s easey peasey to duplicate. But, I don’t knowwww, Sabrina. I reaaaaally want to make one though.




  1. Cherry

    I love the printed fifties style “Swirl” dress at the top of this page and would love to make it. What pattern name and number was it ? “Swirl” is new to me I found some vintage pictures on etsy. They really are beautiful especially the 40’s and 50’s versions and the gingham versions with embroidery and appliqué.


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