Robson Trench Coat


December Sew-A-Long via Rhonda Buss and Sew News is a Lyrically styled Robson coat by Sewaholic.  Trench coats have tickled my fancy for the longest time.  With all the metal pieces and the various parts you could not have paid me to tackle making one . . . until now.  Thank you Sewaholic!  A shout out goes to all the sewists who have shared their version on the Internet.  What beautiful eye candy.

I tell you, financing my sewing jones is difficult, at best, being gleefully unemployed.  That’s another story for another day.  I do have a lock on a way good fabric source obtained from Craigslist believe it or not.  The seller has about 2,000 square feet of fabric and sewing notions in her home.  How cool is that – selling gorgeous, affordable fabrics from the comfort of your own home?  Sounds like a dream job to me.

Shopping at Laura’s Place

Her place is hour away from me and I am hoping that if I send her necessary funds with return shipping she will send fabric to me.  If she will agree to this I figure money spent on gas sojourning there may be put toward the 25 or so yards of bias binding I am going to need to complete this project.

Get this . . . I saw this modified trench coat on Pinterest.  The owner took a ready made trench and added bias trim on the outside edges.  Ingenious!!  I am so going to borrow her idea for my Robson coat.


I am so excited about working up this coat that I just may give her a name.  If I were a compensated blogger I would have a contest for naming my Lyrically styled Robson coat with a sewing related item as the prize.

Meanwhile, look what my new friend from a recent sew-a-long sent me all the way from the Nederlands:

bias binding

Strawberry Bias Binding

How cute is this strawberry bias binding?  Every time I wear my Robson I’ll think of her.

Click here for my Lyrically styled Robson version.  Better yet, follow me via Bloglovin by clicking on the link in the sidebar to the right.



6 thoughts on “Robson Trench Coat

  1. Let’s not talk about a jones, I have a doll one too. I am with you on the financing too. I was laid off in February and will be going back to work next week and I have really been stretching my funds for both of my addictions but you know what? I’m so happy! Anyhoo, I can’t wait to see how your coat is going to turn out and you will find the lining for it. I have that issue here in Charlotte so I know what you mean. Good luck and I will be checking back.

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  2. Good luck with it. As you know my unfinished version is hiding at the bottom of my fabric stash looking very sad 😦
    Looking forward to seeing your completed garment.


    1. Thank you for saying so. You made my day. Pssst, between me and you, I have yet to come up with the funds for the lining (sad face). So I have not started it yet. For the MAGAM challenge I have until the end of the month though. I know it will go fast once I begin. Fashion Fabrics had a way cool sale that ended on the third. The fabric I chose was only $3.49/yd and I missed out, double grrrrr.

      I applied for a waitress job at a local eatery yesterday. 🙂 Maybe that will come through so I can have a little something-something to help support myself.




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