First Cambie Dress

Photo credit: Sewaholic

My first Cambie dress by Sewaholic will be a wearable muslin in preparation of the many Cambies to come from me and Tabitha.  I’ll be shopping my stash for a suitable toile; YAY!

I’m really getting into the indie pattern makers.  If it weren’t for the 40% off sales at  a certain fabric store and my limited budget I could totally get into them.  These days By Hand London and Sewaholic have my rapt attention.  The are no less than three of their patterns that I want to tackle post haste with the Cambie being the first.  The Robson trench pattern is on it’s way but that’s another article for another day.

Let me share a bit about the Cambie:

“Your choice of classic A-line skirt or full gathered skirt. Both skirt options feature pockets for practicality! Sizing is proportioned for a pear-shaped figure: smaller bust and waist, larger hips.”

Though I will eventually complete both choices I will start with one like the main image here, the a-line skirt.  I am a hippy, curvy girl, rocking 46 inch hips over here.  The a-line will probably be most flattering to my figure.  Being a hard-headed gal I’ve just got to do at least one full gathered skirt version just ’cause.  Looking at the description it occurs to me that I am certainly NOT pear-shaped.  I am probably apple shaped, simply large honey.   Then again, that’s why there is compression wear.  It’ll hold down my large abdomen enough to help me be cute in my Cambie dress. Oh well, we’ll just see how this large gal will look in it ’cause I’m making and wearing the Cambie and replacing Miss Tasia above with moi in a Lyrically styled version of this frock!



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