Repurposed Denim Skirt



Stay tuned for the Lyrical rendition of this pretty repurposed denim skirt.  This will be my October Make A Garment A Month Challenge project.  As you may know from an earlier denim jeans to skirt post I have been in decision-making mode as to how I would go about this project.  The diamond shape of the inserts will probably look better on my body shape than the block style.  So, diamond it is.  Now to figure out how those diamonds go together smoothly without holes where the points meet.  My quilting acquaintances are the go-to bunch for that.

The goal, an Apostolic Clothing style repurposed denim skirt.


To get a jump on the project I ripped the inseam of the main jeans.  I think I want to get another pair of jeans to vary the inserts like in the main photograph.  I have two other pair of jeans but they are too closely related in color value.  If I don’t find something I like within a couple of days I’ll just forge ahead with what I have on hand. The original site states, “This Beautiful skirt will consisted of over 60 Diamond Shape Patches”.  A useful piece of information as I was wondering today while cutting diamonds how many I would need. Denim_Skirt_Diamonds I started out pinking the diamond inserts.  It didn’t take long to pull out my rotary scissors to finish the job.


Boy do I feel stupid.  It just occurred to me that I should search how to properly sew these diamonds together.  Well, not actually I did know I should consult my online quilting buds.  But, why be lazy when I could simply look up the process and then ask if I don’t understand something.  Check out what I just found online;

Inset pieces pinned to check the look

There are a number of ways I could arrange the inset.  Above I pinned the pieces to get an idea of how it will look.  I’ve cut out all those darn denim diamonds and could have simply sewn strips of fabric together then cut with my rotary cutter.  Can you say, “Grrrr”?  Bet you I do that for the back diamond panel. Want to see a way cool tutorial for making these babies?  Check out Seamstress Erin’s jean skirt tutorial.


The original main jeans front isn’t as nice as I’d like so I swapped them out for another pair.  I’ve finally got the insets sewn up.

Inset pieces sewn together
Insets reverse side

My hat goes off to quilters.  Getting these diamonds to match up made me bonkers.  I confess to ripping and restitching a few then I gave up and decided to “git r done” and keep it moving.  I figured when I sewed the next set I would follow the video and they would be perfect.  Well, let me tell you; it wasn’t so. The cutting according to the video went like a dream. Wooo whooo (or sew I thought).  Believe it or not they came out worse than my original way above where I cut each diamond individually and pieced them together like a puzzle.


Still, this was fun to put together.  Thankfully this skirt is for my chill out days and for working around the homestead.  Plus, I’ve learned a thing or two about working with diamonds for my quilting (can you say, “don’t do ’em, Lyric; stay ‘way; stay ‘way from the diamond shape).  Bwwahhhh haaaa.

Stay tuned for the final step; sewing the insets to the front and back of the main jeans.


In wrap-up.  I enjoyed making the skirt and I know I’ll enjoy wearing it.  I need to take in the waist.  It’s like I knew I need to but when I put it on this afternoon it was so comfy.  As a big, curvy gal I don’t like my clothing to fit tightly.  Looking at this photo though I will go ahead and take in the waist line.







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15 thoughts on “Repurposed Denim Skirt

  1. Sounds like you learn the way I do–the hard way! Strip piecing is awesome, but now you know how to match points the hard way. Which is good, because strip piecing doesn’t work for everything. That’s a very cool skirt–can’t wait to see your version.


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    1. Hiiii there!

      You know, since I’ve gotten laaarrrge, I’ve gotten away from close-fitting clothing. Humph, but being as I’m getting into 50’s styles I’d better get used to it for at the very least the waistlines for 50’s dresses are well fitted, YIKES!!!! Giggles.

      I shall take it in before I actually wear it. Now watch, I’ll probably never “wear” it so it won’t get taken in, yuk yuk.



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