Snakeskin – A Sewist’s Best Friend!



We all have favorite textiles that we enjoy sewing.  Or, even if we simply can’t choose one certainly you feel some are more dreamy to work with than others.  Hmmmm, I would love to try silk organza or bamboo.  Yet, I digress.

Have you ever worked with snake skin leather?  “Snakeskin has an affectionate place in fashion history. Used as an accessory from as early as 1892 by Louis Vitton, snakeskin gives a retro look to a garment or outfit, but also gives it a fresh vividness because of the way it reflects a diversity of colour.” Tips for making your own snakeskin accessories.

Perhaps you have carried a snakeskin purse or wore shoes made from the skin of a snake.  Then again, some of you may prefer snake on your plate.   Mmm, yummy!  How about this?


THIS snakeskin was found in my bathroom.  Though I knew what it was . . . ladies . . . I screamed terror and bloody murder.  Of course the hubby comes a-runnin’.  Do I get comfort, understanding?  Noooo.  Crocodile Dundee here commences to crackin’ up about it (like he does at the frogs in the bathroom; another story for a different day).



Next comes the commentary on why this particular species of snake is good to have around the homestead.  I’ll spare you the details so we can all get back to sewing.  I’d say the bugger was at least two feet long.  The husband took it outside with a rake.  Guess he thought it may have been alive when he came running over.  Oh wait, maybe he sauntered over  I can’t recall.  I was too busy in the middle of a blood curling scream.  The chickens seemed to have pecked away at the skin last time I looked out there.

What’s your favorite textile, fabric to work with?









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